Episode 16: @TheRedTableWhispers

Posted in Culture on January 3, 2022 by John Angus Jacobs

“You got it???” “You got it???””Just think about it!!!”Good-bye all!!!”, the mailman said as he walks out escorted by “King’s old mangie 🐕 dog…

“The “Baby Girl Ashley” yells out loud, “What just happened???”, as she looked outside for King’s old mangie 🐕 dog…”Baby Girl Ashley” asked “Old man Jacobs”, “Do you know the mail man, do you???” as she realize “King’s old mangie 🐕 dog” isn’t in the yard any longer…Tyler said, “I think we have our new plan ain’t that Right “Old man Jacobs???””Baby Girl Ashley” goes outside looking for “King’s old mangie 🐕 dog, and can be heard saying, “Come here dog, come here…”Then the sound of bottles clinging together as the “Proverbial Big Willie” comes back in the room…””Tyler, I can’t believe you have cheap E&J in your stock of “Valued Prestigious Drink!!!””Tyler replied, “that’s what I’m having; “Old man Jacobs”???” “Old man Jacobs” replied, “No thank you; unless you have a bottle of “Red Wine,” I will sit this one out…”The “Proverbial Big Willie” shouted out with excitement,  “”BAM!!!” As he ✋ hands “Old man Jacobs” a bottle of Red Wine, “YOU AIN’T THE ONLY ONE WITH “SHAMAN SKILLS!!!” 😂😂😂Everybody breaks out in laughter as “Baby Girl Ashley” slowly walks back into the door with elephant tears 😭😭😭 running down her face and cries out, “she is gone, “King’s old mangie 🐕 dog” is gone…” The “Proverbial Big Willie”pp says, “What???  Come here “Baby Girl Ashley”, as he wraps his arms around her… The “Proverbial Big Willie” goes into his protective mode and began rubbing “Baby Girl Ashley” on her back and telling her that everything was going to be alright…Tyler passed the “Proverbial Big Willie” two his “French Laced Trimmed Napkins” to wipe her eyes…”Baby Girl Ashley” cries out loud, “I loved “King’s old mangie 🐕 dog”; “Old man Jacobs” tell me, tell me where she is???” As “Baby Girl Ashley” cried like Lulu @lulu_kc , in “Cry…”Tyler motions to the “Proverbial Big Willie” to take her back to the guest 🛏️ bedroom for her to get herself together and Freshen up for dinner… Tyler yelled over the intercom to the “Proverbial Big Willie”, “Find out what she would like for dinner; I will order it for her…  The “Proverbial Big Willie” yelled back, “Kabuto Japanese Suchi and Steakhouse…” “Old man Jacobs” nodded in agreement…Tyler said, “Kabuto’s it is…”Minutes later the “Proverbial Big Willie” walked back into the room and said, “She’s sleeping…” I will check on her again when the food is ready…”Tyler says, “Old man Jacobs”, “Why did you send for us??? The “Proverbial Big Willie” suddenly interrupts as he drinks from the bottle, “Hell, I want to know what made you think we would take the bait???””Baby Girl Ashley” yelled from the guest room, “How did you know I wouldn’t just shoot your old a__???” Tyler yelled back, “”Baby Girl Ashley” I thought you were asleep…  The food will be here in approximately 20 minutes…””Baby Girl Ashley” said through the intercom, “I will take a shower and then I’ll be ready to eat dinner…””Old man Jacobs” said, “I didn’t send for but you came because you “Caught the VIBE…”  The “Proverbial Big Willie” shouted back, “What VIBE???”Tyler noticing that the “Proverbial Big Willie” was feeling the sauce demanded that he stop interrupting “Old man Jacobs” saying out loud to “The “Proverbial Big Willie”, “Please let “Old man Jacobs” talk, Please???””Old man John A Jacobs , said, “Each of you put these events in motion yourselves many years ago…  As I fell into this vein  that caused us to collide at this time, I believe it was not haphazard or coincidence; I believe it was a Spiritual thing…”The Bible has a phase for it that says, “For such a time as this…””Edward Herbert Brown, Jr.  !  Says,” The BEST way to Predict the Future  .  .  .  .  Is To Create IT ! “You all created this space in time, I just met you here on my way to destiny…””You got it???””You got it???” 👍”Just think about it…”About that time the Chef Kabuto rang at the gate and Tyler rang him in…  The “Proverbial Big Willie” jumped up and ran to the door…Tyler yelled at him, “direct him to my pool area because it is a beautiful evening outto night…  Come on “Old man Jacobs” you can refresh at the pool house…”

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