“What would Martin say?”

As I listened to the morning talk shows with both the front running Democratic candidates invoking the name of Dr. King, I began to wonder “what would Martin say” about all this.
Well as a culturally conscious commentator  and one who feels spiritually connected to the cultural identity of our time, I am encouraged at this vibe.  What do I mean by this “vibe?”
This “vibe” is the rhythm of things that verberate throughout our cultural community.
Throughout our tribe.
It flow throughout the Diaspora.
It has flowed since the beginning of time.
A different frequency, a different pitch at different times but the same vibe.
It’s the same vibe that Martin talked about when he said, “I am a Drum major for peace.”
The same rhythm that vibrated from his lips from the steps of the Lincoln Memorial in his “I have a Dream” speech.
And the same vibe his legacy vibrates today.

Now these two candidates are striking different notes but the same vibe.
I believe this is what Dr. King was talking about.
When we as a person can compete on an even playing fields for the same position. So here we have a white woman and a black man strumming the same cultural strings of change.
Change that transcends race, gender, age, and economics.

So we have arrived at the moment of truth.
A testing of the very principles that Martin spoke about.  Do these principles withstand the test of time or are they lost in the greed of mankind? 
Will time tell the stories of a time of triumph with these sacred principles intact? 
Or will time speak of a time when these very principles we have upheld for a generation be no more?

“What would Martin say?”


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