“History Being Made Right Before Our Eyes!”

As I watched the Democratic debate, the visual was overwhelming.
When one thinks of the fact that not so long ago, the diversity of the stage would not have been possible.
Not only the stage participates but the audiance was also made up of people who would not had the chance to even sit in the building, much less be in attendence.
Where the white guy on the stage was truly the minority.
Yes, the fire works were ferrous, but civil.
One must look at what is being displayed as a testament of the struggles that so many have fought for in order for us to be here as a nation.

So history is being made right in front of our eyes!
We should not miss it or diminish it.
History is on the side of the spirited debate.
Each candidate as well as the American people receive the benefit by getting to see the real candidate’s strength and weaknesses.
The one thing that history has never recorded until now, is this type of even playing field where a woman and a black man are in the Frey.
Yes, it is exhilarating to observe.

Now you know I like to keep it interesting…
If the Democrats really want to make history (and this idea’s time has come)
then all three candidates take a position in the primary.
So if it is Hillary as the nominee then she chooses Obama as VP and Edwards as potential Secretary of State.

Then History is being made in it grandest form right before our eyes…


3 Responses to ““History Being Made Right Before Our Eyes!””

  1. keep up the work bro, you never know who’s watching!

  2. culturallyconscious Says:

    You know I have to keep it real bro and put it out there the way I feel it!

  3. […] “History Being Made Right Before Our Eyes!” […]

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