“White Men Can’t Jump!” vs “Boys In The Hood!”

“WOW!!!”Ain’t this Exciting!!!

OK, here it is…

Bill Clinton (white men can’t jump or can they) vs Barack Obama (boys in the hood or was he)…
This is really exciting stuff…
I believe Bill has answered the question whether he can dance? He seems to be doing the “Ali Shuffle” very well with Obama.
I guess he is a “Brotha!”

Now Obama is not acting like a Brotha when it comes to addressing Bill.
But before I get too far into this situation, I want address a Cultural Shift in History happening right before our eyes.

Bill Clinton has single handily eradicated the “Willie Lynch” philosophy.
Hats off to you Mr. Clinton…

So what am I talking about…
The news media has been trying to turn this race into an issue of white vs black. Bill Clinton’s attack on Obama (which is “N-Yo-Face” hood stuff…Hummm I wonder why Obama can’t handle that) has cause conservative news media outlets to defend a black man (Obama) against a white man.
They have totally reversed the “Willie Lynch” syndrome.

This has never before happened in our modern day cultural consciousness where so many white conservatives have sided with the black guy as they are now.
This is the buzz of the new media outlets on every channel…

Also another nail is being driven into “Willie Lynch’s” coffin with black women (and need I say men too but not as much), who are not listening to the polls or the press or even each other, but deciding on merit who they will give their vote too.
So it seems that we have finally “overcome” the “Willie Lynch” mentality…
It was the “Willie Lynch” mentality that caused us (African Americans) to have the “crabs in a barrel mentality.” But with this daily debate in every venue that you enter, we as a people are making our own minds up.
This is “Exciting Stuff!”

I had to make that observation because everyone is so bent on this being about race and it is, “the race for the White House!”

But back to Bill and Obama.
“Good Stuff!!!”:)
Bill is acting more like a brotha than Obama.:(
So please allow me to give Obama some notes from,
“Boys N-da-Hood 101.”

First of all, I heard a very prominent black radio personality on Lou’s show just the other day check another guess when she tried to play him the way Bill is playing Obama.
The host “Man-up’d” and said,
“I am not Obama!
I don’t suck up to nobody!”
I said, “Now that’s a Brotha from the Hood!!!”
So Here are a few Lessons that can “Help a Brotha out,” if you know what I mean!!!
“B.N.D.H. 101 – Lesson 1. Man-up! Don’t let no one tell you who you are. You tell them!

B.N.D.H. 101 – Lesson 2. Realize when someone is just selling “wolf-tickets!”
Either ignore them or tell them to “Bring it On!”

B.N.D.H. 101 – Lesson 3. “Don’t dish it, if you can’t take it.”

Yo Bro. there are many more but these are the foundations. If you feel like you are being disrespected politically, then he’s a brotha, disrespect politically until he gets the point.
Oh, one more…

B.N.D.H. 101 -Lesson 4. Fight-Yo-Own Battles…
Don’t let others speak for you, speak for yourself…

All fun aside, political debates are not for the weary or weak at heart…
I am sure Bill has read, “The Art of War! by Sun Tzu” many times…
He is using those “time tested tactics” to get an advantage…
Obama is playing “Soft Ball” with a guy that has mastered “The Art of War!”
In short, Obama is too nice!!!

I said in one of my earlier blogs, in order for Obama to win the nomination he would have to win over “white women and black men.” Well sir, you can’t win them like this…

But no-one can say,

“This ain’t some exciting stuff!!!”
I can’t wait for round three…

“White Men Can’t Jump!” vs “Boys in the Hood!”


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