“Obama Ain’t No JFK!”

It’s been rumored that when Lady Bird Johnson heard of Bill Clinton’s romp in the Oval office with Monica Lewinsky, she said, “Bill Clinton ain’t no L. B. J.”
In this campaign season where candidates are dropping names like a “bright eyed want-to-be fresh off the bus in Hollywood,” let me say that “Obama ain’t no JFK.”  There are several facts one could list that would distinctly show this truth, but this blog is not big enough to list them all…
So I am puzzled at Senator Edward Kennedy’s comparison of Obama with his beloved brother. Is there something else behind this so public endorsement?
What was the characteristic he saw in Obama that has escaped me.
First of all, JFK was a war hero…
I could and probably should stop right there. But you know me I must go on…
Ok, Obama has the gift of gab (Eloquent Speaking ability).
When did the ability to deliver a great speech become one of the top qualifications of a President. I guess you all missed the SOTU speech last night…
Need I say more???

JFK could not only speak well but his speeches were delivered with a conviction that caused people to want to follow him into a better future. It is one thing to talk about change but entirely another to have the political savvy to bring it about. Kennedy galvanized the Democratic party.
Obama is causing huge divisions.

The one question that everyone ask them self when making a decision to vote for Obama is, “why?”
Why am I giving my vote to this man?
Is it because he is black?
Is it because he is young?
Is it because he is eloquent?
Or is it simply because i like him?
It is amazing to me that in all the discussions that I have heard about Obama, no one says, “what he has done…”

Now it is my turn to ask “Why?”
Why is it when you walk into the barber shop and this discussion is going on, when the question of “what has Obama done,” comes up, everybody gets quiet. Is this because no one really knows anything significant that he has done.
Yes, he is a junior senator.
Him and many others.
Yes, he worked with the poor in Chicago.
I am sure there are countless pastors, priest, social workers and many others who could claim the same thing.
Ok, he wrote a book about himself.
Wow!!! Kinda young to do that at that time, but…

Either way, what has he done that would make one say, “because of this I believe he has the intestinal fortitude to withstand the hardship that comes with this great office.”
I just don’t see it…
I don’t believe that you must be a war hero to be a president, but that does give you a documented record one can look at to assess the sum of the man/woman.
Many years in public service also lays out a track record of victories and defeats one can draw from in order measure one’s convictions and beliefs.
If one has a long running successful business career, it show leadership ability, discipline, and tactfulness.

But without any of these things, then what is left for one to ascertain ones qualifications to be president of the United States of America?

Don’t look at me, I am trying to figure this thing out myself…
Let’s deal with this thing called, “change!”
I too believe that this country needs “change!”
But “change” at what cost?
I would love to change my occupation, but I must first count up the cost. Do I just jump off the boat with no plan into an uncertain tomorrow. Well I could, but there is a 50/50 chance of success or failure. The success I can handle but it’s the sleeping on the street that let’s me know this is not worth the gamble. In order for me to make “change” in my life, I must have a solid plan…
I must first gather information about the change I desire to make.
I must select some courses of action.
Then I must make a plan…
This is called a “win win” situation.

I believe that Americans truly want “change,” but not in a negative way… So “change” can be positive or negative. Everyone talks about “change” but never specify the fact that they are actually talking about “Positive Change!”

Yes, we can make history all right, but let’s make the kind of history we really want… We have the opportunity to make our vote count toward making history with “Positive Change” for a better tomorrow.
This is our duty…
Duty has nothing to do with self interest or personal feelings…
Duty has to do with “Convictions and belief.”
A strong belief in democracy and the political process.

It is our duty to evaluate the strength and weaknesses of each candidate based on the facts… Then make our decision based on what is best for our country and the world. I know this is a heavy burden. I know it would be easier to just to pick a candidate based on how they make us feel. But I am sure you have seen the TV trails where the defendant is found guilty of some horrible crime and there are those who are die hard supporter…

They had strong feelings too…

I am not trying to “change” any one’s mind as to whom you should cast your precious vote.
I am only trying to make you think.
It takes work to make “history!”
And regardless who you vote for you will get “change!”

But remember,

“Obama ain’t no JFK!”


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