“We As a People!”

It is impossible not to be culturally conscious of where we are at this snapshot in time. It has been a photo shoot in the makings for over forty years. I am sure that as many of the now active participates in this election, listened to Dr. King speak of a time he referred to as “we as a people” oh so many years ago, visualized this snapshot of this very time.
This time when his words would be a reality.
Now they can say, “we are here!”

The torch has been passed on to them.
They are no longer the generation of the future, they have become the generation of the now. They are the ones in the snapshot. And it is the now generation’s time to inspire the next generation to visualize their own video clip (snapshot) of a greater tomorrow. It was afforded to them and now it is their responsibility to pass it on.
They have inherited the cultural responsibility to cause a generation to visualize, to dream and to imagine their own video clip (snapshot) that one day they too will see fulfilled.

This is the energy that, as Jesse has so eloquently said so many times before that, “Keep Hope Alive!”

Now they have the torch.
What will they do with it?
Will they as those that have gone on before them inspire a generation take to take up the torch and march in the spirit of “we as a people” into their bright tomorrow?

Or will they forget the words of their forefathers and allow the “evil of self” to destroy what has fueled this movement of equality; from the puritans, the abolitionist, the freedom fighters, and the civil rights leaders until now.

History, is in their hands.

When this future generation looks back in history, what will history have recorded of this time. A people that passed the torch with the grace of those that came before them, or ones that put self before those they hope to serve.
Time will tell and time will not lie…
So what do we say to these things?

“We as a People” can make history.

So we as a people must overcome the ways of the past and set a course that history will not be able to refuse to record.
I, as many, have been a close observer of what is happening culturally in our nation and around the world in this time. In our immediate consciousness the most popular Cultural happening is this “race for president of the United States!” As a nation, this is the most unique election process ever.
For the first time we have a white woman and a black man vigorously competing for this office.
Culturally Speaking this has been a long time coming. There has been a lot of conversation about the heighten anxiety both candidates are experiencing as they try to make their case to the American people in each debate.

These debates have been really electrifying and exhilarating. More like a championship heavyweight fight. People plan debate parties with their friends and each cheer their candidate on. Often times these parties consist of families where the spouses and children are all on different sides. This causes a cultural phenomenon called the “debate after the debate.”
This is where each side vigorously reiterates why he, she, or they have chosen their candidate. This debate after the debate spills over from day to day, venue to venue, home to home, and job to job. And believe me, everybody has an opinion. I am sure this will go on until the day the winner is inaugurated.

This cultural shift has proven to be the most exciting, thought provoking and polarizing electoral contest of our generation.

I believe there is no question that this Cultural Shift will for the better take us as a nation to a place we have never been before. Our Cultural past has been one quilted patch work of; many ups and downs; periods of unity and division; and dark and bright days. But as with any quilt, it takes a patch work of all different colors, shapes, and sizes to bring out it’s beauty and provide it’s comfort.

Now it is time for this generation to put aside their differences and come together as “we as a people!” And together make history. Just like that quilt, each part comes together to make the whole.
The world is watching…
Let’s not let them down…
The bible say, “to whom much is given, much is required!”
But one can only give from what one has to give…

I believe that those that are in high positions must be unifier to bring us together as a people. There is room for everyone to play their role to lead us into a new tomorrow. I hate to keep bringing up the military but it is apart of my cultural DNA. In the military, every soldier is a leader. It is just a matter of time when the load will be placed on his/her shoulders. They will only be ready if they have learned all the tasks given to them along the way. There is no pass because lives are at stack…
We as a people (democratic candidates) must do the right thing and make history by taking our right place in the line of change. Get in where we fit in. Don’t give into the forces from the right…
And let’s make history together…

“We can do this!!!”

“Yes, We Can!”

“We As A People!”


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