We will Never forget!

The Morning after a history making democratic debate, I am overwhelmed with joy. I believe, hope, and pray that our darks days as a nation are behind us. Morning is bursting through, and we as a people can enjoy a brighter tomorrow. I believe the spirits of all the ancestors were present last night to witness this great occasion. I don’t believe they were disappointed. The entire building was electrofied. It was radiating with vibe of history’s past. It was highly diversified. From the door to the stage, people from all walks of life huddled into one place side-by-side to “be” apart of history. “I know you could feel!”

Yesterday as I looked back down the crossroads of time, reminiscent of how we got here.
I strolled through the dark days of the sixties from Selma to Montgomery, I ran across an unfamilar name of a fallen soldier.
I did not recognize this fallen Civil Rights activist. The first thing that came to mine was,

“Viola Liuzzo who?”

I began to think out loud, this does not sound like a black person’s name. Neither does this sound like a man’s name. No, this person seems to be a white woman. Do you mean a white woman is among those who gave their lives for Hillary and Obama to face off tonight in an equal forum???

You know my cultural heart rate was off the charts. My consciousness was tasered by this revelation. Ms Liuzzo was a 39 years old mother of five who was murdered by the KKK in 1965 after the march to Mongomery march in Alabama.
Ms Liuzzo got involved with the civil rights movement after seeing the horrible images of the aborted march at the Edmund Pettus Bridge. She is noted to have said, this struggle, “was everybody’s fight!”


What a powerful statement!
A statement that is as relevent today as then.

Yes, today!
The Morning after our dreams were realized…
We have come a long way…
So I hope as we watched this historical debate last night we put this snapshot in time into perspective. Not only has it been a long time coming, but it came with a very high cost.
Whether you are black or white, male or female, young or old, rich or poor; we all must be concsious of the long hard blood stained road that we as a people have travelled to get her.

So I hope as you watched history being made last night right in front of our eyes with your family and friends, you take note.
That people like Viola Liuzzo (and many others who’s names are more familiar) made history in many years ago that has taken this long to be realized.
The struggle is not a black thing!
It’s not a white thing!
Not a brown, red, or yellow thing!
The struggle is a civil rights thing…
It’s a human rights thing…

So on the morning after witnessing history being made we must make a commitment, that we will do our part to live the dreams of all those who fought bled and died to see this snapshot in time become a video clip…
We must not forget!
We can not forget!
We will not forget!

Because as Ms Viola Liuzzo said, “this is everybody’s fight!”



3 Responses to “We will Never forget!”

  1. Candace Thurman Says:

    It is really sad about what you went through. But it is even more sad that people act like it doesn’t exist in society. I am a black women who is married to a black man and he worked around klansmen. But they were never bold enough to confront him. But he did however worked less than the others who lived in nice homes and we did not. There was one of the men who made terrible grades in the same school of apprenticeship and my husband made “A”s and “B”s. But the white guy ran a huge company and was hired, but my husband did’nt hardly work. Even the guys around him told him he worked around Klansmen. My husband is a big muscle guy and people say he intimidates people by how he looks. When he go on a job interveiw with hope of making more money, they aways say that his resume is impressive, but they never call him back after seeing him. My husband is a very laid back man. He have seen many races remarks in the bathrooms at jobs he have done, but people are ignorant to what is going on today. I totally agree that it is getting worse and people should be aware of what’s going on. Another story is my husband had a traffic ticket that he was to go to court . He asked the lady over the phone could he reschudule ,because I had surgery and financily could not afford for him to miss work . The ironic thing was he worked in Richmond, In which the court was around the corner. The lady over the phone neglected to tell my husband that the Judge may not allow him to. So my husband called that morning and spoke to the lady and she told the Judge my husband cursed her out. He called back and a gentleman answered and he told my husband to come in anyway. My husband was only 10minutes late, but the Judge told my husband to apologized to the lady. Eventhough he did’nt cursed the lady, he was going to apologize. My husband tried to,but the Judge said fine, I will give you 30 days. My husband was shocked. Now the bad thing was I am ill and do not work and we have three children. My husband begged, but being evil he gave my husband 180 days with no bond. I called several Lawyers,but they said that he will let him out , maybe the next day so don’t worry. He did’nt let him, so and we becamed concerned. Many Lawyers were surprised, and had never heard of a Judge doing this. I had to take my husband’s last pay check, because I was not able to find a Lawyer for a 1000 dollars. People were surprise that I was able to find a Lawyer so cheap, to which I was also surprised,but I had no choice. He never seen my husband until after 45 days. Now don’t forget me and my children have no money. I decided to put this story in there newspaper and the Judge was angry. He told my husband if he write a letter of apology he will let him out. He was cruel ,and after a couple of days said no and he gave him 180 days. In my husband’s paper work they said he was given 180 days because he was 10 MINUTES LATE!! We could’nt even get assistance for our rent. In this same court room a black girl who was waiting for someone else fell asleep and they gave her a few days in jail. But filled a Law Suite and won. Now in society,black men are with white women when a white guy said “why should we show respect to a black woman when black guys don’t”. However the story about “sista stuck on stupid” it is true. But with the good successful women it makes them look bad. It does cause many problems amongst our selves, to which it hurts for me to see many beautiful black women alone. I do admit that our sistas need to take care of themselves better by working out and being alot more pleasant to our men. So many of them can not wonder why. I also heard many men talk about weave. Although alot of white women were it. So this is what I heard black men say. Work out no matter what size you are, care more about yourselves by being just yourselves regardless of hair, and be alot more pleasant to them. But it is sad that I think brothers are not saying a word knowing the white women are showing racism to black women. So in society they are helping them to show racism. Now we are fighting alone. Why is it that they are not fighting with us? Is it that they are ignorant that Klu klux Klan doesn’t exist? Or could it be because they get the kind of white woman they want and simply don’t give a damn. I should stop now, but I hope things get better with your situation. I beleive if black people stick together that you can get help from somebody or that we can get help amonst ourselves.I never thought to ask you. Are you still attracted to black women? All this talk I’m doing, you may not be any more. Anyway these people in the end will reap what soe. May GOD bless you!!

  2. Candace Thurman Says:

    I may be behind because I was resonding to anothe posting.

  3. Candace Thurman Says:

    Maybe I am with your posting.

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