“Sistas: Stuck on Stupid” “SOS!”

Note: I actually started this post on friday and some how my draft was the one posted, not my finally copy. Several words were also removed because when I checked my draft it was different from what was posted. I don’t know what happened but my post is a positive post with a thought provoking title. If my draft affended anyone, please except my apology. I will also post this at Culturallyconscious.blogspot.com. In case this one gets screwed up again. Thank you,

John AKA CulturallyConscious…

I hope this story does not attrack to many haters but I thought it spoke to our cultural identity as a people on many fronts. I know I am not going to be able to complete it in one writing but here goes…

I Heard this story from a former homeless guy who watched it unfold…
So he starts off telling me that one fall morning he was sitting on the street looking for a hand-out. He said, all of a sudden this nice ride pulls up. A young sista dressed really nice from head to toe stepped out. The young sista then says something to the driver, throws him a kiss, and then the car speeds off. He said, he recognized the driver as a local playa in the area. He was driving her car. The homeless guy said, he was just sitting there looking at the young sista as she walked by. Then suddenly she turned toward him and began to degrade all black men. He said, she really lost it. She was screaming at the top of her voice. She called him all sorts of names. He said really the only thing he remember hearing was when she called him “stupid.”

He said, all he could think of was that she was the one “stuck on stupid!”
He said he kinda thought like she owed him something for the therapy session she got by venting on him, so he asked her for some money… He said, she bacame outraged again, but reached in her pocket and gave him a buck… Thinking, wow, what do I have to lose, so he asked for more… Again this young sista was outraged. She was ranting and raving but again she reached in her pocket and gave him a twenty spot.

As she walked away the homeless guy said out loud, “Now who is stuck on stupid?”
He said the young sista stopped in her track, but never turned around, shrugged her shoulders and then kept on walking to work.
The homeless guy thought well, if she is going to let that playa play her that way then she is open game for everyone.
He said, later in the week, he saw the same young sista again getting out of the same car. Again she said something to the driver, threw him a kiss as the same playa sped off with her car…
The homeless guy said, what the hell, what do I have to lose.
So as the young sista tried to quickly walk by without looking his way, the homeless guy asked her for a hand-out…

She slowed down but did not stop, then she began walking faster again. The homeless guy said, this time he yelled out, “I see you are still stuck on stupid…”

Hearing the homeless guy’s words caused the young sista to erupt in angry toward the homeless guy. The homeless guys said, again this young sista was yelling and screaming at him at the top of her voice. The homeless guy said all he could really hear over her screaming high pitched voice as she screamed in his face was, “you are stupid….yada…yada…yada!!!”
He said, after she had finally stopped screaming at him. She threw up her arms in the air and said here… To his surprise, she gave him a twenty-spot, then quickly turned and walked away…

The homeless guy said it was friday, so it was a few days before he saw her again. But like clock work, the young sista got out of the same car with the same playa and he again quickly sped off. The homeless guy said, this time the young sista slowly walked by him as if she was expecting him to say something.
The homeless guy said that most street people are social engineers. If nothing else they learn how to read people’s moods and behavior. This is how they survive.
So he did not say anything to the young sista…
He knew she was waiting for him to say something but he wasn’t going say anything…
So this young sista stopped in front of him and said softly, “aren’t you going to say something!” The homeless guy just looked at her and shook his head. Then the young sista started to walk away but stopped. The homeless guy said the young sista then turned toward him and said, “can I ask you a question?”
The homeless guy said he nodded his head yes.
The homeless guy said the young sista looked him straight in the eyes and said, “why do you say I am stuck on stupid?”

The homeless guys seeing his opportunity to get some money, said to the young sista, “I have to pay for the shelter and I need a couple dollars for lunch.” The young sista took a deep breath, then reached into pocket and gave him a twenty.
The homeless guy said, “I really need two of these to make it happen…”
The homeless guy said the young sista said in a snappy voice, “Ok,Ok, but that’s it, now tell me?”
The homeless guy said he said to the young sista, “you call me stupid and you know what I am about. But you call him honey every morning and you don’t know what he is about.”

“So who is stupid???”

The homeless guy said the young sista looked puzzled at his words, then turned and walked on to work…

….i will finish this later……:)


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