“Timing is Everything!”

I just watched a new video about Obama…

“Yes we can!”

A really nice video…


What is going to happen after the song ends and all the people go home???
The entertainers start a new project and the song falls off the charts.
Then what???
You see, I have recent history as a witness to this fact.
Look at the “Jena 6” case…
There was a great song, a Big March, and lots of press coverage.
But what was the outcome?
Obama impressed me and many others, with his early response, but what did he do???
Hillary did what she does best…
Behind the scenes she got involved with empowered black women to address the matter.
One of these women has recently indorsed Hillary, “Congress woman Maxine Waters!”
Where was “Ms O” then…
Michael Basiden ask that question more than once…

I believe that Black women should look at Hillary’s life from the time she first heard Dr. King speak until today. They would know she has fought tirelessly for civil, human, and women’s rights. I believe the only reason Bill was able to become president was because of the great woman standing behind him.
And for black women, who have always used this line (behind a great man is a great woman), to not stand-up for a this great woman is beside me. Hillary is too nice. She should really lay it on the line with all the involvements she and Bill have had in Civil Rights.
So black women think about what you are doing to the women’s movement forever and ever. I believe that timing is everything…
The bible says, that everything should be done in decency and in order…
I don’t believe Obama’s time has come…
If Obama was Jesse Jr., I would feel better because of his council. But Obama is Dick Chaney’s cousin….
What is that about???
I don’t doubt Obama’s sincerity just his ability to back-up what he can so eloquently express…
No, it’s not Obama’s time to be POTUS. I believe the order of things should be VPOTUS. This guarantees longevity and preserves everybody’s rights…
Now if there was a black woman running would you be backing her over Obama?
Think about it???

“Timing is Everything!”



2 Responses to ““Timing is Everything!””

  1. I am with you. Good point.

  2. Really Brother I can’t believe that you trust this white girl and her white boy husband! Well billy boy did slip up and talk about fairy tale for Obama. Look clinton years saw welfare cut and pushed BLACK women for the first time on the streets with their children living with the junkies and mental heads. You must be kidding-this white girl help? She’s just jiving you all.Me I can’t back any white girl or boy over a Brother/Sister. this white girl had her chance with her white boy now move over for a BROOTHER who chose to be BLACK! Not like tiger woods you dig who had the same mixed up madness. Keep on trusting the slavemistress/master and see how we will continue to be 21st century slave. It’s only a righteous BROTHER or SISTER who can handle our case! Give the BROTHER a chance! Let a real man come in! Let a BLACK man come in! Let a BLACK president come in!
    Your Sister,
    Yeye Akilimali Funua Olade
    yeyeolade.wordpress.com (check under category”Obama:A Black President!”)

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