The Funeral of the Feminist Movement!

Six months ago, I would have bet that Hillary would have taken “Obama” out in the first round. I did not draw my conclusion by making a dart throw in the dark. I use the calculation that along with the feminist, minority women, and of course all their many friends, she would have enough votes to take charge early on in this campaign… I felt like there was no way that women would vote for a little know black guy over a more than qualified woman.
Was I wrong…
As a person who is always interested in seeing where this cultural train ran off the track, I began to really examine her campaign… After looking back down the track, it is obvious that the train ran off at the “Feminist movement’s” funeral junction.

The Feminist movement is dead.

It has to be! The Civil Rights movement is alive and well.
That is obvious at the number of votes that Obama is getting from all walks of life…
Culturally, now that I think about it, the feminist movement has been dead a long time… Did anyone attend their funeral???
I never saw it in the news…
Maybe it was not news worthy???
Of course, I am a black guy, so I guess that funeral would have slipped by me. But how did it slip by Hillary’s camp???
Go Figure!!!
Either way, how does Hillary get this train back on track???
Or can she???


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