Obama: Pass Or No Pass on Drug Question?

Today the “buzz” is the cat-fight fall-outs from the Grammy’s.
Usually the same old bull but this time the topics are quite interesting.

1 – The real “Queen of Soul” is pissed at “Ms B” (you know who I am talking about, stop playing.) for calling “Ms T” the “Queen.”

I must come to “Ms B’s” defense. She called “Ms T” the “Queen…” Which I took to mean the “Queen of Rock and Roll!”
Aretha, the Queen of Soul, Just wants a little “Respect?” 🙂
Where is “Ms O” when you need her???

2 – “Ms C” has got her panties in a wedgie over “The Black Horse and the Cherry Tree” girl receiving a grammy on the steps of “Rehab!”
“No! No! No! – Yes! Yes! Yes!”
Tell me it isn’t so???
I am afraid it is… :}

But (there goes that “Big But” in the room again…)
“Ms C,” who I love dearly, is also a former drug user and Grammy winner…
So I really don’t get it…
I guess she did not realize that the potential “Leader of the Free World” is also a “Grammy” winner and former drug user…

Come on “Ms C”, get a grip!!!
“Don’t be a hater!!!”


You and “Ms Cherry tree,” are entertainers. Society expects you all to be in a daze most of the time. Look at the other “Ms B” (you know who I am talking about, in the news every day for going to the psych ward to be evaluated. Stop playing.) she sells more papers in a daze than you sell clean… Go Figure…

So I guess the phrase: “Join the Club,” is in order here…

But on a more serious note (as if I wasn’t serious before!) 🙂
did Obama get a temporay pass on the drug question???


I have reason for asking this question. “Ms B” and “Ms Cherry Tree” are not going to be making decisions that will effect the safety, health, and welfare of the Nation, maybe even the Planet. The decisions they make really only effect a very small amount of the populus…

If Obama wins the nomination, I don’t believe the Republicans are going to give him a pass. They, like Hillary, don’t have much ammo on him so what is the most obvious “POA.” (Come on, you know what I mean, “Point of Attack” (POA)… S.T.O.P. P.L.A.Y.I.N.G…)

As a prior military personnel, it is practically impossible to enter the military if you admit to have “used” drugs. “Used” is the optimum word here. If it is determined that you were a drug user then you can be “barred” from “high level security” jobs (Like President of the United States of America). http://usmilitary.about.com/od/joiningthemilitary/a/enlstandards2.htm

Hillary’s camp has treated Obama very gingerly on the subject. I don’t think a war hero is going to let him off that easily… They might, but I doubt it… Do you remember what John McCain said when asked about “woodstock,” something to the effect, “I am sure it was a pharmaceutical event that I could not attend because I was all tied up in a hotel far away.”

So this could be problematic for the Dems if John McCain takes it there…
And God forbid John McCain chooses Hukkabee as a running mate…
I can here the sermon now…
“What do we tell our children, “you can grow up to be just like the President… The shame of it all…”” The Minister Republican potential VP would say as he passed the offerring plate…


Obama: Pass or No Pass on Drug Question???


One Response to “Obama: Pass Or No Pass on Drug Question?”

  1. whydidyoudoit Says:

    We don’t need Ohio, Texas, D.C., Maryland, or Virginia to get to the White House. The Hillary campaign has run a hard race to the White House and we don’t intend to let Ohio or Texas or any minority states stand in our way reguardless of their vote. We have already won the big states and we intend to invoke hole heartedly the votes of Florida. We tried to win the supporters of John Edwards. Unfortunately we did not win the supporters of John Edwards, but as you can see we didn’t need them to win the big states and we will not need them in the future to win the White House. The Clinton campaign started this race as winners, favored to be in the white house because we are not trying to change the face of america nor it’s foundation our pass leaders worked so hard to establish. We know what our opponent is trying to do and we can not let this happen. America is not broken, just our leadership. Everyone in america has been treated fair for over two hundred years and if they are unhappy with their current status or the economy then I’m sure they can find pleasure in being in america. When Senator Clinton is elected president she will address all issues of concern.

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