It’s about Time!

I saw on the news, Hillary holding up boxing gloves.

It’s about time Hillary!

Obama is a great guy…

But he might be a little nieve at the dog-eat-dog world of Washington Politics. Hillary has really been nice to Obama, but at least now she is going give him a taste of things to come if he wins the nomination. As we can see with McCain’s recent response to Obama’s comment about debating him.

McCain said, he is ready for him…
And McCain is not going to pull any punches…

So, “Give’em hell Hillary, Give’em Hell!!!”

And force Obama to practice what he preach, “I (Obama) am a Unifier.” Then Obama should start at home… The Decocrats have a rare opportunity unite, win big in Nov, and deliver US from this down hill slide. It is going to take all of us coming together sooner-than-later…

Besides, it Valentine Day…

“Where is the Love?”

It’s about time!


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