Obama: Cult Leader???

There is an interesting article by Charles Krauthammer of the New York Daily News. It tries to describe the “Obama Effect” as something mysterious or cultish…


If Obama is a cult leader then the leaders of the Democratic and Republican parties are too… The definition of a cult would apply to either one of these parties. In some situations the Republican party has acted more like a cult than any organization of recent history. Their most famous cult leader by Krauthammer analogy of a cult, would have been Ronald Reagan…

If anything, Obama has taped into a vein in American Culture that exposes a vast deficiency. I would like to believe that deficiency is more cultural than anything else. I have a philosophy that it’s impossible to reason with a hungry man… The flip side of this observation is, “the same man will flock to the hand that feeds him…”

So apparently there are a lot of “hungry” people around. But what are they hungry for???
It must be “Hope!”
That’s what Obama is selling, “Hope!”

The article spot-lights the comments of “Hard Ball’s, Chris Matthews after the Potomac Primary.
The article reads:
“Until you hear Chris Matthews, who no longer has the excuse of youth, react to Obama’s Potomac primary victory speech with “My, I felt this thrill going up my leg.” When his MSNBC co-hosts tried to bail him out, he refused to recant. Not surprising for an acolyte who said that Obama “comes along, and he seems to have the answers.”

I was listening that night when Chris made that comment. I believe that he was feeling the void also. We must remember that for so long America has been no. 1 around the world. Americans don’t like being in second place…
This creates a void of hope and pride…
So Obama has bursted on the scene with the right message at the right time…


As one who believes in the “Supernatural” and the “influences of the Ancestors,” Obama has the rhythum of the vibe. I wrote about this in an earlier post. The vibe is a rhythum that vibrates through-out the diapora from time and time and time again… This vibe is what cause people of the same rhythum to come together. So when Obama gets into this vibe the rhythum arouses the ancestors who act as repeaters through-out the diaspora calling out to people who are open to the vibe…

I don’t believe Obama realize the influence the ancestors have on his success. My fear is the same as in the news article though, that Obama will fall out of rhythum with the ancestors. You may wonder how this could happen???

It is simple!!!

Obama has a humbleness about himself which allows the ancestors to communicate through him. But I have observed several times when he seemed out of sinch. It could be due to fatigue, lack of focus, or self pride. In my opinion, this is proof that Obama does not have a full understanding of what he is experiencing. He is just riding the wave. The vibe of the ancestors influence is always presence but we are not always receptive or open to it… So what Chris Matthews felt is what I call “an Ancestral Touch!”

The Ancestors have been waiting on someone like Obama, but is Obama the one or did he just catch the vibe (wave)?

The way we will know that Obama is the one and can change the world is when he cause a masssive number of people to come together in one place from all over the world to hear the message… This is characteristic of the ancestors influence. When the rhythum of the vibe is repeated by the ancestors through-out the diaspora as the sound of the drum, people will hear it and answer…

In recent history we have seen this effect by only a few people. One of course it Dr. King. Dr. King was completely in tune with the ancestors and knew it… Thus the march on Washington…
Dr. King was so in tune with the ancestors that he preached his own eulogy.
Had the ancestors told him of his destiny?
Could he had changed the outcome?
I believe the answer to both questions is yes…

The next example will be hard for some to swallow because of what they think of the organization but the ancestors don’t have a respect of person… That person is non other than Louis Farrakhan… Louis Farrakhan heard the ancestors call for the “Million Man March.” Farrakhan is a prime example of a man who caught he vibe of the rhythum of the ancestors for a season…

I heard the call to go to the Million Man March but initially rejected the call because I am not a muslim. I questioned the call and rejected it again… I could not believe that the ancestors would want me to attend this march because I am a christian. Then I received a very strong “Ancestral Touch” which made me challenge the ancestors for validation. Needless to say, after making some demands of the ancestors, which were quickly answered, I found myself at the Million Man March…
I asked the ancestors why was Farrakhan (who let me say I have nothing against except I am not muslim) chosen to call this march… The ancestors let me know that the call went out and Farrakhan was the only one that answered it…
This fact was validated when I met a devout christian minister there. We both were surprised to see each other there… I asked him, “why are you here?” He said, “I answered the same call you did!”
I could say nothing, just smile!!!

Finally the most recent example of this “Cultural Phenomenon” is when Michael Baisden (the Bad Boy of radio) caught the rhythum of vibe of the ancestors and called for the march on “Jena.” Better known as the “Jena 6” march. Baisden caught the vibe and answered the call of the ancestors. I listened as he began to energize a movement of people to flock to a small town in the middle a poor southern state. As he spoke about it daily on his radio show, the ancestors began to repeat it through-out the diaspora. It was news all over the world. It energized the conscious people to mobilize and answer the call… They flocked to Jena La in massive numbers from all over the nation… And those all of the world that could not attend the march showed their unity by wearing black on that day. Everyone who watched it, called it phenomenal. I believe this heightened arousal of the ancestors fueled by the hunger in people is the reason for the phenomenal response to Obama is now…

This may sound creepy???
But if you are honest with yourself, you can remember a time when you felt something that was more than physical but spiritual for the lack of a better word…
This is what I believe Elder Mother Morrison was talking about when she said, Obama has that something…

So, if Obama is truly answering the call of the ancestors and know it, his popularity will continue to increase until he has accomplished what he is called to do… Now, on the other hand, if he is just riding the vibe (wave), like any wave he could fall off… I have not jumped on the Obama “Surf Board” yet because like many others, I believe Hillary has the “Tools” to better do the job…

Besides it took one Clinton to clean up after the first Bush! So who better to clean up after the second Bush… I did a earlier post on the subject called,

“Hillary, the Clean Up Woman!”

But if Obama is aware of what he is experiencing, it will become very apparent soon. Then as someone on hard ball said the other day, “It’s impossible to stop a Tsunami!”

Ok, now you know I like to keep it interesting… So, if Obama really is in tune with the ancestors, then he will truly unify the party by uniting with Hillary on the dream ticket… This will eliminate all tension… hummmmm!!!!

“Obama: Cult Leader?”


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