Obama, Don’t Be An “Egghead!”

Sen. Obama, don’t be an “Egghead!”
Sen. Obama, I mean you no disrespect, this is just history screaming-out-loud at you…
Politics is one mammoth revolving door of the past, present, future, and back to the future again…

I hope no one is thiinking I’m making fun of Sen. Obama…
I am not that crazy!
This brotha could be the H.N.I.C. one day (that’s with an “a” or “ro” depends on where you are from. Stop playing!)… No, I am just making another conscious analogy of history’s cultural spaghetti junction.


This is really exciting stuff!
The African culture believes that if you don’t know your past you are subject to live it again… “Egghead” is the nickname Richard Nixon gave to the Governor of Illinois, Adlai Stevenson, in the 1952 Presidential campaign. The name stuck and the Dems lost the election…

Just “Cultural Food for Thought!” Check-out my previous post

“The Obama and Stevenson Parallel…”
There you will see the parallel!

Just keeping it interesting!!!

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