The Obama – Stevenson Parallel!

Obama is walking in mark step with the past… As one can imagine, it is impossible to discard the stigma of the past. Obama, the senator from Illinois has a lot in common with another Illinois politician, Governor Adlai Stevenson.

Here some excerpts from the above site:

1 – Stevenson delivered a welcoming address to the delegates to the 1952 Democratic National Convention in Chicago so stirring that it may have helped stampede his nomination. Despite his protestations, the delegates drafted him, and he accepted the nomination with a speech that according to contemporaries, “electrified the nation:”

2 – Stevenson’s distinctive speaking style quickly earned him the reputation of an intellectual and endeared him to many Americans, while simultaneously alienating him from others.”

3 – Stevenson again won the nomination at the 1956 Democratic National Convention in Chicago, aided by strong support from younger delegates, who were said to form the core of the “New Politics” movement.

Stevenson ran against the Republican Candidate Dwight Eisenhower, a decorated war hero… Despite Stevenson electrofying speaking ability, “he lost heavily outside the solid south.”

Is History repeating itself?
Is this little known fact missed by the Republicans?
I don’t know, but one must admit that the parallels between Obama and Stevenson are throught provoking…

Now everybody knows by now that I like to keep it interesting. I have found interesting parallels between Stevenson and Obama that could result into disastrous consequences for the Democrats and yield the white house for at least four more years to the Republicans… But everybody knows that the “Dream Ticket” is certain victory and historical change… And every body wins…

“The Obama – Stevenson Parallel!”


One Response to “The Obama – Stevenson Parallel!”

  1. But Obama will win the General Election in November!

    Yes, he can!!!

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