“M&Ms or Gummy Bears???”


Are you ready for “Thursday Night Live???”

You got it: Round 7…

I hope you’ve got all the necessary beverages and snacks ready to go.

It’s going to be some exciting stuff!!!
And let me warn you that you better get your “M&Ms and Gummy Bears” early before they all sell out…
What’s a debate without our favorite “Attention Getters…”

M&Ms for Hillary and Gummy Bears for Obama…

I think the big hard yellow peanut filled M&Ms are perfect for Hillary… The rest of the colors can be use to identify each of Hillary’s mood changes… They are perfect to make a point when Hillary scores… Like the “Slum Lord buddy” thing she got Obama with in Round 5…
That’s what I call a real “Sucker Punch!”

And the “Gummy Bears” are perfect for Obama because they are nice and soft and sweet and yummy… They give you that “warm and fuzzy” feeling when you are chewing on them…
Besides when you throw them, they bounce and some times stick to whatever they hit… That’s how Obama is, he stick to you really quickly… Before you know it, you are chewing on a gummy bear and reciting, “Yes we can!!!”

Wow, aint this some exctiing stuff…

Now don’t blame me if you can’t find any M&Ms or Gummy Bears at the last minute… You have already been warned…

See you in front of the Tube…
Be there or be square!!!

“M&Ms or Gummy Bears???”


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