“Culturally Insensitive! Is the Camera On???”

Now you all know that I am “Culturally Conscious!”
It is important to me that we have truthful open discussions about what is or is not “Culturally Correct” in our society. In recent years, it has been more “Culturally Absent” than anything else, if you know what I mean. The one thing that is encouraging about the Obama potential nomination is his commitment to revive the investment in “Culture and the Arts.”

I know that both candidates for the Dems “really” want to win, but it is also important how you win…

Now that said, please allow me to make another “Cultural observation!”
Chris Matthews was interviewing a couple of women about Michelle Obama’s statement. We have all heard it by now… The one sista speaking in defense of Michelle Obama , Latoya Foster of “In the Know,” did a great job of echoing the response from the populus that it was a misinterpretation of Michelle’s words.
And besides, someone cut out the word “really” in the video clip they are playing over and over again. Check it out on http://www.pissedonpolitics.com/ for Feb 20, 2008…

And of course, this is “hardball,” so a woman speaking for the apposing side, Heidi Harris – Talk Show Host, just “really” read into Machelle’s statement as being unpatriotic… She had a hard time selling this point of view after Latoya reiterated her point.

Now here is when the “Cultural Clash” occured!
I guess in desperation to top Latoya, Heidi came back with this “Culturally Obnoxious” statement, “Meanwhile we got President Bush down in Africa like Santa Claus, giving out money left and right!” http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/21134540/vp/23262101#23262101


President Bush down in Africa giving out money like Santa Claus???

I’m sure that makes the “Katrina Victims” “really” feel great… This is a “Cultural and Political Dysfunction” of our society! This demeans the President’s trip to a mire “photo opportuntiy” when used in this light…
Where has “Santa Claus” been for the victims of Katrina for the last few years. And I am sure Ms Heidi does not loose any sleep over the “Katrina” victims but this tragedy effected and still effects African Americans everyday. It’s just another reminded why “Change” is such a strong message…
So, no disrespect to the Presidency, but “Charity” starts at home…
Besides, I did not realize that a president only represents part of the country… I was under impression that he represented the entire United States Of America…


Is this country ready for a “Black” President???

One never knows, does one…

“Culturally Insensitive! Is the Camera On???”


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