“What’s in a Word – Nothing???”

I often heard that,
“Nothing” from “Nothing” leaves “Nothing!”
And for a long time, for me, that was true…
For I had “Nothing,”
I believed in “Nothing,”
I gave “Nothing,”
and I received “Nothing…”

People began to treat me like “Nothing,”
I began to act like “Nothing,”
therefore, I was “Nothing…”

So, “Nothing” from “Nothing” leaves “Nothing???”
Yes, and that’s good to know…

For I realized,
that I had,
“Nothing” to hold me back…
“Nothing” to keep me down…
“Nothing” to stop me from going…
“Nothing” to keep me from coming…
“Nothing” to hinder me in any way at all…
So, I took all my many “Nothings,”
And I turned them into “Something!”
And all my many Somethings, I am turning into Everything!!!

So “Nothing” from “Nothing” truly leaves “Nothing!!!”
But remember,
that in each “Nothing,”
Is the beginning of “Everything!!!”

“What’s in a Word – Nothing???”


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