“The New Face of Racism II!” Or “Are these American Nazis on The Rise!”

Oh Wow!!!

I guess I struck a nerve with this post, “The New Face of Racism!!!”…
I have been dealing with these racist yuppies all day… These elite racist are relentless…
They drive around in their gas guzzlers, communicate with their nextels, and do everything in their power to antagonize black guys like me who speak out against them… It also seems that every time I speak out against there racist cowards, I get stopped by the State police of Louisiana… Always a white quy who is always very nice but always writting me up for speeding or something…
So what is that about???

Well, probably these racist yuppie elitist are trying to make a point!!! The point is well taken… This is the very reason why I will continue to speak out and voice my opinion against these highway terrorist racist elitist… Now, I wonder where they get all this money to drive all over the country stalling traffic and causing accidents…

I am starting a campaign against these racist highway terrorist cowards…

Now they come in all shapes and sizes and ages and drive everything from a junker to a “big rig!” Oh but you will not have a problem recognizing them… They will be the racist elitest that is trying to cause you to wreck or cause a stall in traffic by driving in all lanes very slowly or try to frustrate you enough to get you to speed… But if that don’t work, they will have someone stop you anyway… Sounds like the way the “Nazis” slowly too over Germany… Hummmmm!!!

Either way, racism has a new face and it aint the face of the “klan of old…” I grew up in “klan country” and they did not hide behind a tinted window and a nextel phone… They would let you know who they were and what they were about, because they were “klan and proud of it…”

Now these elitist racist nazi cowards are weak and can’t stand on their own two feet and say, “yes, I am a racist elitist and proud of it…” That sound like the way terrorist operate to me… That is why I wrote the post, “Highway Terrorist!!!”

Well you elitist racist nazi highway terrorist that drive the highways (I-10, I-20, and the like) from Florida to California, trying to cause blacks to wreck and damaging our vehicles, you have been found out… I have been documenting your vehicles and recording your actions in order to report you to the proper authorities… If we are to be one country, there isn’t any room for you and your kind…

Hey, if you don’t like the fact that I speak out against you, then rewrite the “Bill of Rights:”

Amendment I
Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.

The last time I looked we still have freedom of speech… Oh, the Nazis did rewrite all the laws of Germany… Well until you do, I will keep on writing and speaking out… Believe me you will be found out and then drawn out into the open so all can see… I don’t think this country want to be the next Nazi Germany…

“The New Face of RacismII!” or “Are These American Nazis on the rise!”


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