“The Audacity of Change!”

The heat is on!!!


This is really some exciting stuff!!!
Now we are seeing the “For Real” Hillary and “The Audacity of Change” Obama!
How will all this play out???
Well it all boils down to the platform each candidate is running on…

Let’s first talk about Hillary’s platform…
I think we all know what Hillary’s platform is, “Experience!”
No one can dispute that Hillary has lots of experience and exposure to several levels of government… This is her strength as well as her weakness… Her strength because she has made several alliances in the political process over the many years she has been around the Washington machine… Influence is and has always been one of the most important traits a candidate can have… One can only look at the Clinton Camp with admiration of true political power at work…

Her weakness, because one could only say that all this experience is synonymous of the Washington Status Quo… My mother use to always say, “If you stay in the rain long enough, you are bound (certain) to get wet!!! So Hillary’s many years of experience are deeply rooted in the way the “Washington Machine” operates… This point is becoming very obvious with the political spin that is being used against the Obama campaign in recent days. I hate to say this but the Clinton Campaign’s argument about;
1- Florida and Michigan,
2-the can’t win without Ohio position
and 3-The ringing phone,
does not meet the “Shoe on the other Foot” test (SOTOF)…
I believe that all decisions made by a campaign must meet the “SOTOF” test in order to maintain voter confidence… I don’t know if the shoe “was” on the other foot, the Clinton camp would still maintain their present position on these three issues???

“One never knows, does one???”

Moving on!!!!
Now let’s examine the Obama campaign platform… Again, everyone knows that Obama is running on the platform of “Change!” And for the most part Obama has stayed firmly on that “Surf Board!” I believe this is more than a platform or politics for Obama… I believe it is truly his destiny… I believe, because Obama makes you believe that change is possible… I believe that it is Obama’s destiny to show US and the world, change is possible if you can believe… I believe that win, lose or draw; Obama has to stay above the frey and not resort to the very thing he is fighting against… No Obama does not have the Washington experience and that is a good thing… For we have seen where this experience has gotten US… So yes Obama has “the audacity of change” platform!!!

Is this country ready for “Change???”

Only the voters will answer this question…
So far “Change” is in the air… But with the forces of “the status quo” pressing hard against this movement, Obama will have turn up the volume of the “Vibe for Change!” Obama will have to cause a “new generation of agents for change” to push his campaign into orbit with “escape velocity force” that the gravitational pull of “the statue quo” can not deny…


History is being made right before our eyes… The one thing about change is, “Change” does not need media to make it happen… Media will find and eagerly document “Change” when it happens…

So Culturally speaking, “we have the past and the future colliding…
A struggle of “the status quo” and “the audacity of change!” This struggle has gone on for millenia… Through-out history we see a constant push against “change” in all aspects of life… In the end “change” always wins… Those that don’t change with it are often lost in the annals of time…

“The Audacity of Change!”


2 Responses to ““The Audacity of Change!””

  1. Barbara M. Boyo Says:

    Barack H. Obama is the only candidate I can believe in.

    His message has reached the heart of people far beyond the US of A.

    YES, (WITH HIM) WE CAN ! ! !

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