“Saturday Nite Live” used my B.N.D.H. 101 – Lesson 1 for lastest Obama Skit…


Check this out…

This is some exciting stuff!!!
I believe:

    “Saturday Nite Live” used my B.N.D.H. 101 – Lesson 1 for latest Obama Skit…


I posted this on the Michael Baisden.com message board a few months back… I thought it would be a good skit even then… As a “Culturally Conscious
Commentator,” this historical race speaks volumes about the unique tug of war that takes place when two cultures collide… Read the post, then watch the skit, and you be the


For me, I just found it pretty exciting to hear it on “SNL!!!” 🙂

Check it out!!!

Follows is the Post… I abreviated it for this post…

“White Men Can’t Jump!” vs “Boys In The Hood!”



Ain’t this Exciting!!!

OK, here it is…

Bill Clinton (white men can’t jump or can they?) vs Barrack Obama (boys in the hood or was he?)…
This is really exciting stuff…
I believe Bill has answered the question whether is he can dance? He seems to be doing the “Ali Shuffle” very well with Obama.
I guess he is a “Brotha!”

Now Obama is not acting like a Brotha when it comes to addressing Bill.
But before I get too far into this situation I want address a “Cultural Shift” in History happening right before our eyes.

But back to Bill and Obama.
“Good Stuff!!!”
Bill is acting more like a brotha than Obama.
So please allow me to give Obama some notes from,
“Boys N-da-Hood 101.”

First of all, I heard a very prominent black radio personality on Lou’s show just the other day check another guess when she tried to play him the way Bill is playing Obama.
The host “Man-up’d” and said, “I am not Obama!
I don’t suck up to nobody!”
I said, “Now that’s a Brotha from the Hood!!!”
So Here are a few Lessons that can “Help a Brotha out, if you know what I mean!!!”
“B.N.D.H. 101 – Lesson 1. Man-up! Don’t let no one tell you who you are. You tell them!

B.N.D.H. 101 – Lesson 2. Realize when someone is just selling “wolf-tickets!”
Either ignore them or tell them to “Bring it On!”

B.N.D.H. 101 – Lesson 3. “Don’t dish it, if you can’t take it.”

Yo Bro. there are many more but these are the foundations. If you feel like you are being disrespected politically, then he’s a brotha, disrespect politically until he gets the point.
Oh, one more…

B.N.D.H. 101 -Lesson 4. Fight-Yo-Own Battles…
Don’t let others speak for you, you speak 4 yo-self…
(I am sure you got many other ones –

“Post Them Then!!!”

“White Men Can’t Jump!” vs “Boys in the Hood!”
“Fried Chicken, Corn Bread, Collard Greens;
Somebody, Please Pass Those Black-Eye-Peas!!!”


J. Angus John
“The Messenger!”
“Culturally Conscious Spoken Word Artist!”



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