“Kitty for Sale…$99,999.99 or Best Offer!!!

Culturally Conscious!!!Wow!!!

Hold up!!!
Wait a minute!!!
Somebody stop the presses!!!

I hope my ears were misleading me today when I heard someone on the media say, little “Ms Kitty” has been offered $99,999.99 for a speaking engagement…
And possibly a lot more for her story…

“There goes the “Kit Kat kids” Cultural neighborhood…””

How do you plan to keep your little “sweetness” from running off and joining the nearest “Kit Kat” club after hearing how little “Ms Kitty” got paid… Where I come from that’s called a “score!” And a big one at that…
I guess that had never crossed her mind before she became a “Big Game” hunter!!!

Someone had the nerve to say that I was just jealous…
I should not be a hater…
How can I be a jealous hater, I ain’t got a “Kitty” for sale…

I am just shocked at the reaction toward the “Fat Rat” vs the simpathy toward little “Ms Kitty!” Is this a double standard or what???

This is the biggest endorsement for legalizing prostitution of any I have seen…

I can see the Ad now, “You can be like me little “Ms Kitty!”


“Kitty for Sale…$99,999.99 or Best Offer!!!”


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