“Will the “Real Democratic Party,” Please Stand Up???”

This stuff is getting ugly out here…
I don’t know about you, but I am having a hard time recognizing the “Democratic Party” anymore… They are beginning to look alot like the Republicans…

“Will the “Real Democratic Party” Please Stand Up???”

What happened to the party that stood up for “Civil Rights, Human Rights, and Women Rights??? The party that was color, gender, ethnic, and class blind… The party of the people…“Culturally Conscious!”

Now that said, the candidate does not choose the president, the people do… The voters are the ones who decide who will get the opportunity to serve this nation as it’s leader… I am surprised to hear so much about race and sex and color and class… All these are “Cultural Characteristics” our forefathers fought lived and died for…

So I say where is “Elizabeth Edwards” when you need her!!! Elizabeth Edwards layed out the rules of conduct about the race from the beginning on a segment of “Hard Ball!!!” Mrs Edward strongly suggested to Chris, when he tried to interject the race and gender card into the interveiw, that this race was not about race, sex, or anything discriminating.. She boldly stated, “It’s that what we all fought for (equality)??? I believe we need for El;izabeth Edwards to come back and remind the Dems what they have obviously forgotten… Maybe John Edwards got out too soon… The Edwards brought balance to this sometimes unbalances race…

So, I hope we as a party can come together as “Civil” campaigners and start acting in accordance to party principles…

Now about Florida and Michigan, lets follow the law… If we don’t then don’t say anything when the Republicans are changing the rules in the middle of the game… You see what goes around, comes around…

“Will the Real Democratic Party Please Stand Up???”


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