“Don’t Play the Blame Game!!!”

“Culturally Conscious!!!”Ok, ain’t it time for Round Eleven???
A new start is important for both candidates…

Everybody need to take a deep breath and then exhale… It is time for the Dems to start talking about the issues and reign their staff in…

I don’t believe Hillary is a racist and truly believe she is sorry about any remarks that her staff and husband may have made in the past…

For Obama, I believe he is his own man and regardless to what his former pastor may have said in the past, Obama does not know color…

Either way, it is time to move on… Besides we have to prevail in Nov. because this administration has no clue what to do… I am mad as hell about the condition of our economy and these high fuel prices!!! We must have a person in that office that can clean up this mess and straighten all this crap out… I believe that most people have been pushed to the wall and are ready to do something…

“Don’t Play the Blame Game!!!”


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