“The Audacity of Hypocracy!!!”

“Culturally Conscious!!!”The Audacity of Hypocracy!!!


What a historical camcorder moment in time… We have two highly qualified candidates competting for the office of the “Leader of the Free World…” This is truly some exciting stuff!!! Yes, democracy herself is being tested on every front to see if she can withstand the test of time… Each candidate has dung in deep and refuse to give an inch to their opponent, but only one can be the “Commander in Chief…”
So the battle is on…

But one cannot be remissed of the location of this historical stand-off… It is as if history herself chose this battleground state for this “Grand Cultural Showdown…” A state full of historical landmarks and monuments of the very birthplace of our democracy herself… When one thinks of Philadelphia, it is impossible to do so without the image of the “Liberty Bell” flashing across your mind…

Now for some, the story of the “Liberty Bell,” is simply another relic of a time gone past… But for others, the “Liberty Bell” represents a lot more… For African Americans, the “Liberty Bell” represents a


Yes, for African Americans, the “Liberty Bell” speaks loudly…
If one looks back in our culture, one would clearly see a time before the liberty bell, when black people (African slaves) had no voice… We were not allowed to exercise any freedom of religion or expression or anything of that nature… We were forced to live a lifestyle of mire existence in utter silence…. We labored our days away praying that “God” would give us a voice… A voice that the angels could hear… A voice sent from “God” himself that no one could deny… So for over a hundred years we prayed and believed that one day, there would come a sign of liberty for us, prisoners of slavery…

Culturally, we lived in a land that cherished our labor but hated our very existence… This was a strange land to us for the African slave was not born a slave… The African slave was not born without a voice… In his mother land, he was born free to live as “God” had intended for all men to live…


And most importantly, the African slave never forgot this… And neither did “God!!!” So as fate would have it, there was a great war here in America for “Liberty” from British rule… As a result of America’s great victory to win it’s independence, a commemorative bell that had beenw ordered was to ring in America’s independence or better yet, “Liberty…”

But first let’s talk about the “culture of the bell…”
The bell in early America was used in every aspect of American life… It was the primary instrument for signalling… It was used to signal worship services, call to order in parlimentary chambers, and in community center calls to arms or gatherings… So you see, the bell was a very essential part of early American life… Everyday at noon the church bell would ring to indicate the time of day… And this practice continued even into the twentith century…
I actually remember the ringing of the church bell as a call to worship on sunday mornings as a child…

So as a result of this great victory over the British, the “Independence bell” was ordered to ring in our independence… By “God’s” truly divine intervention the orderers had an inscription ingraved on the rim of the bell… It was a scripture that read,

An excerpt of Leviticus 25:10 (“Proclaim LIBERTY throughout all the Land unto all the Inhabitants thereof Lev. XXV X”)


The Liberty Bell’s refusal to ring a lie or better said, to ring “The Audacity of Hypocracy,” gave a voice to a people without a voice… The African slave’s prayers had been heard by “God” and the sign came in the form of this bell… Need I say, this bell that is regarded as a prominant monument of the price of “Liberty and Democracy!!!” It is now a symbol of freedom throughout the world…

Therefore as these two great patriots make history stomping down the same paths of our fore-fathers before them, let usnot forget the essence of this video clip in time… Let us all reflect on how far we have come and by “God’s” grace how far we still have to go…

And most importantly, let us not forget the lessons of the “Liberty Bell…” To ring in “Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness…” And win, lose, or draw; it is up to us not to ring in division and inequality…

“The Audacity of Hypocracy!!!”


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