“The Speech of the Century!!!”

“Culturally Conscious!!!”

As I listened to Obama’s speech yesterday, I was very pleased that finally someone was addressing this issue of race that effects us all on a daily basis… I believe Obama was the only person that could speak to this matter in this way. Obama was able to address both sides of the house without bias… Obama, being half white American and half African Kenyan, is the epitome of a true African American… And it was not lost on Obama that His wife is Black American, the product of the slave and the slave master… I believe this was the defining point in this entire speech… It set the standard for how he should be looked upon by all Americans…

This was a much needed speech at this time, when Obama was in the land where the founding fathers penned the “Declaration of Independence…” The home of the “Liberty Bell…” And Yes, the birth place of “Democracy herself!!!”
Symbolisms were everywhere and the “vibe” of history being made was overwhelming…

There are some that would discard this historical speech as just another speech in Obama’s path to the democratic nomination… But this speech was much more than that… It was a down right “honest” look at “we the people” of the United States, now… And let me say, “it is about time!!!”

I can only say, “Bravo Senator Obama! Bravo!!!

Now the ball has been passed on to us, “we the people…” Now “we the people” have to take the ball and run with it… The dialogue has already started on the morning, noon, and evening media shows… Some are condescending and negative to the idea of facing their own issues about race… Others seem to be pleased that someone has finally given them permission to have an open and honest discussion about their own concerns about race…

For the most part, I believe this country is ready for this message, but is this country ready for the messenger???
We will adress this question at a later time…

I hope “we the people” will not allow the narrow-minded few to prevent the populus from expounding on our race issues and finding the common ground to heal our nation…
“Democracy demands it…”
“History demands it…”
And most importantly
“we the people” demand it…

“So let’s have at it…”

“The Speech of the Century!!!”


One Response to ““The Speech of the Century!!!””

  1. Bowie, NV Says:

    who cares….one more political hack peddling a new Hope. people who can get swayed by this humdrum rhetoric must be sorta retarded

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