“With Ms O or No!!!” “BO Got to have Hill and Bill!!!”


This is really some exciting stuff…

It looks like the norm is going to the candidate “Ms O” coined “The One – Barrack Obama!!!”
And as in any great fight the contender still standing with the most point win… So there is no surprize that the Obama camp has a reason to cheer… They fought a long hard honorable campaign therefore it is their right to enjoy the spoils…

I say, “Bravo, Bravo!” And it look like “Ms O” got that slip fixed…

Now comes the decision of who will Obama choose to round out the ticket and guarantee a win for the Dems in the fall??? This is the Trillion Dollar question most pressing at this point… One has only to look at the competition for the general to realize the heightened ramifications of choosing the wrong person for VP post…

As I stated before, John is holding the troupe card here with Condelesa sitting out there in the wings… Also let’s not forget “the Hukkabee!” Hukkabee is still a force on the political stage to deal with…

From my vantage point, Obama does not have a “snow balls chance in hell” of winning the presidency without Hillary on his ticket… As fierce competitors they were two titans clashing with such force the world stopped and took note… Now together, how much more the greater would the force be…

Obama needs Hillary!!!

And quite frankly, history demands it…
This is a new decade, century, and millennium…
Therefore, it is time for a “cultural shift” where we as a people can come together and lay down our differences… As Dr. King said, “black and white; young and old; rich and poor; and all together…
This is the time and the people to bring this “cultural dynamic” to fruition…


“Now run and tell that…”

“With Ms O or No!!!” “BO Got to Have Hill and Bill!!!”


3 Responses to ““With Ms O or No!!!” “BO Got to have Hill and Bill!!!””

  1. Actually, Hillary would doom Obama’s chance at the Presidency. She’s that hated by enough of America – including Obamaniacs – to bring out the voters in droves – to vote against her!

    You don’t choose a running mate that the opposition voters HATE. All that does is galvanize them to vote for their candidate.

    Remember, Kerry tried campaigning to his base alone and ignoring the opposition. W did the same thing. In the end there were more Republican voters in key states than there were Democrats.

  2. Hiya…

    Wasn’t exactly what I was looking for, but nice stuff. All the best….

  3. just browsed in….

    Love that google, great site. Thanks a bunch….

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