“What does “Flip Flops” Have to do with a Wedgie?”


This stuff just keeps getting more and more exciting everyday…
It is obvious that we are on the eve of a “Cultural Phenomenon” like we have never seen before…

But (yes, the great big but in the room…) let me clear some “culturally conscious airspace…” Why does everyone have their “panties in a wedgie” over “flip flops?”
Come on, flip flops???
Ok, just slow down, take a deep breath, then reach down and politely pull your wedgie out…

“Wedgies, oooh!!!” 🙂

Come on ya’ll, lets get really real! Things must be really slow on the big news flat screen on the wall… Check this, when things change (panties get into a wedgie for example) then one must make an adjustment…


Need I say more??? I didn’t think so…

Ok, back to the excitement of the day…
I am eagerly awaiting the happenings of every days events… The Dems are for the first time, in a long time, throttling up and up and up… They are partying like “rock stars” in front of hope starved crowds of voters “cheering for change…”

Yes, crowds and crowds of voters chanting to the top of their lungs,”Yes we can!!!”

WOw… Aint this some really really exciting stuff!!!

Now “Unity N.H.” aint no “Hope Ark.” Neither is it the “poor neighborhoods of Chi-town…” But it is the place where a new generation Clinton and a Brotha named Obama will forge a union like the world has never seen before… Talking about “Fried Chicken Corn Bread Collard Greens, how about those Black eyed Peas??? Yum Yum!!! 🙂 Where “hometown country folks” will get to mingle with some “Starbucks mocha latte” sipping city dwellers…

Wow… Aint this some exciting stuff???

Now, is this the beginning of something big??? Only time will tell, but ( and here we go another big but in the room) it is a time for the Dems to have a “great big group hug!!!”
Wow… This is going to be a time for the Clintons to become conscious of the fact that it is Obama that is the nominee and they need to totally get on board… That goes the same for Bill!!!
Enough said???

So Lets give “Unity” a chance…

Oh wow, aint this some exciting stuff…

Now you know I like to keep it exciting… So lets get off of John A. and take him at his word… And his words were very powerful in defense of African Americans… I hope he attends the “Unity Fest!”
Then there is Ralph N. who seems to believe he has cornered the market on “Blackness!” I think he should be asked to attend the “Unity Fest” so he can hear the original white brotha do what he does best – “get his foot out of his month…”
And most importantly, please invite all the funders who love Hillary more than Obama, so they can “bail” Hillary out… 🙂
Ok, last but not least, please invite all the Reps so they can see how true “Unity” feels… If nothing else, they can share some “FRied Chicken, corn beard, collard Greens, what about them black-eyed peas” with lemon-aid and mocha latte…:)


But again…

“What does “Flip Flops” have to do with a Wedgie?”


One Response to ““What does “Flip Flops” Have to do with a Wedgie?””

  1. pissedoffintexas Says:

    Well lemme see. Well when I was having my breakfast of biscuits and gravy and washing it down with some latte, my wife was flip flopping around the house in her flip flops and panties and as she bent over in front of me to pick up the dog dish she had a world record wedgie. So I non- shalantly took my index finger and my thumb and pulled her “wedgie”out of her unmentionable oriffice and went about my business of finishing my buscuits and gravy. Other than that I don’t see any connection of what ” Flip Flops” have to do with a wedgie.

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