“Did Black Women Drop the Ball???”

This stuff just gets better and better, don’t you think…???
Well let me say that I started the morning off watching the William sistahs play their historical match… I am a Venus fan so, I must say that, I was very happy she won… This was one of those cultural phenoms that cause the conscious to stand and cheer…

But you guys know me, I could not negate the fact that not only was their father not there but that their parents are divorced… How sad… Why is it that black folks can’t stay together???

Is it the Black men or the Black women or both at fault???

I don’t know exactly what is going on but culturally the Black man has taken the blunt of the trauma from the white man in our history… Now when it is our time as a people to stand up together and do our thang, our “BLack Sistas” trip…

So check out the video link below and you tell me “what is really going on???”

Black Women Dropped the Ball(Attitude,Weave and Disrespect)The most popular videos are a click away

So what the problem is???
Is this young sista right???
Are “Black Women” dropping the ball on their “Black Men???”
So in the tradition of “Culturally Conscious” it is really important that we keep it real…
So culturally, we as a people must heal ourselves if we need healing…

Need I say more???
Did not think so???

“Did Black Women Drop the Ball???”

One Response to ““Did Black Women Drop the Ball???””

  1. You asked me to comment on the post “Did Women Drop the Ball” so here
    it is. First of all, it seems as though this young lady is referring to “all black women”, and I don’t feel like that is the case. Our ancestors
    brought us from “a mighty long way”, and our older generations has continuously fought for our younger generations to take a look at where we have come from and be proud of who you are. Unfortunately, a lot of the younger generations have taken the term “freedom of speech” to a whole new level. With the new laws about what we can and can’t do with our own children, the inability to protect and raise our kids the way our ancestors did, and the government being able to screw us anyway they want to, its not a wonder that our young people are falling between the cracks. Please don’t put this on the black women as a whole. Its a combination of people doing what you have to do to survive, men and women not having the strong sense of respect for each other that was so evident years ago when there was no such thing as “You Tube”, “My Space”, etc.

    The size of your butt, the color of your hair, eyes, etc has nothing to do
    with whether or not you are trying to be something you are not – it has to do with your spirit. GOD made all of us equal, so if you want to wear your hair long and blonde or short and nappy, that is your preference, and
    that won’t make you a better person then the next, it is what is in your
    soul. Since almost the beginning of time, women found out that “sex sales” and they have been exploited or have exploited themselves
    to do what was needed to take care of themselves and their families. I am not saying that it is right, I am saying that it is a way of life, and
    at this day in time, women just don’t do it to survive, they do it for
    fun and to get what they want. However, if the men weren’t
    there asking for it, they would have to figure out a new way of earning
    money, i.e. going to school, getting a job, etc.

    So for me, the bottom line is that its not just the black women that
    are at fault, its the black women, men, white, women, men, the government, the society, and the times we are living in.

    I am just very hopeful that Mr. Obama will give our young black
    people a new source of pride and reason to change their way of thinking.

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