“Black – N – America!”


Does this stuff keep getting more and more exciting or what???
Check it…
Another night of CNN’s doc “Black in America…”
Did I say before now that “no matter how you present crap, it still smells like crap???”

“This doc is still crap…”

The pre – doc interviews are better than the doc itself…
Thank God they are because without them we would be dished up some really nasty stuff – if you know what I mean?

Ms Oreo, had the Audacity to preface this crap by the following:
“What it’s like to be “Black in America?”

“Give – me – a – break…”
“That’s the biggest fairy tale I have ever seen…”
“Yeah, what Bill said…”

As a good friend of mine put it, “if this is what it is like being black in America then we as a people (of American) are in trouble… No wonder “whites in America” think about us the way they do if this crap is a true reflection of “Black – N – America… “”

Who’s the blame???
Well “culturally,” we as a people are where we are as a direct result of “1441…”
“So don’t believe the Hype?”
Where is “Chuck” when you need him…

The following is my response to the “Hype!”

“Ancestry, Predecestry, and Successtry: Black – N – America…”
Never forget…

We’ve lived through;
persecution, mutilation, social devastation, excruciating pain;
bondage, shackles, thrashings, bashings;
the ravaging of the motherland.

We’ve survived starvation,
dehydration, inflammation, that horrible trip;
tossing, tipping, constant dripping, sea sickness;
the belly of the ship…

We’ve endured indignation,
humiliation, sequestration,
the stripping of our souls;
Desecration, degeneration, castration,
the market place,
being sold…

We’ve drudged through war,
brother against brother, blood, mason dixon,
the blue and the grey;
Destruction, emancipation, reconstruction,
forty acres, broken promises;
What mule?
No pay…

We’ve overcome racism,
discrimination, segregation, deprivation,
generations of being second class…
Alienation, degradation, mortification,
all sorts of derogatories;
thank God free at last…

Now we live with a simulation of freedom,
equality, prosperity, liberty,
and justice for all…

The black, the green, the red, the white, the blue;
African, American;
Standing strong;
Standing tall…

So never, never, never, never;
Never Forget!!!

“The Ancestors Speak!!!”

Now run and tell that…

“Black – N – AMerica!”


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