18 Million and one!!!


Ain’t this some really exciting stuff… Obama and Hillary for president of the United States of America is my bet… I know what they are saying on all the networks, “Hillary on tuesday night and the Veep on Wednesday night, therefore the “Veep” must not be Ms Hill… ”

Ladies and gentlemen, tell them you heard it from me first, the best hand on the table is the one you don’t have to play… When the table is running in your favor, you make the rules… Obama has done everything in his campaign with a strong sense of culture and history in mind… He has taken this political season to a place it has never been before; “Rock Star status…” The table is His and all bets are off…

There are 18 Million and one reasons for Hillary to be the VP… Putting history aside, the one best being “Hillary is the most qualified for the job…”
Who else can boast to having 18 Million Dems waiting with halted breath to hear those magical words, “Ms Hill – The Veep!!!”
Can you say, “Win Win Ticket baby!!!”

I know what all the “haters” are saying, but (there is that big but again) this is about “Culture, History, and Legacy…”
So all you “Hillary Haters meet the History Makers,” “BO and Hill” the hottest political “Rock Stars” of our time…

“Do you???”
“Do you feel me???”
“Do you feel like I do???”
“Let me hear you say, “Yes, yes, yes we can!!!””

“Ms O” is dancing… Dance Ms O, dance!!!”
Ain’t this some exciting stuff…

Now you know I like to keep it exciting…

What’s the hottest ticket in town,

“The BO-Hill…”

Wow…This is some pretty exciting stuff…
“Do you feel me???”
“Do you???”
“Do you feel like I do???”
(Come on Peter and WIll-I-Am… Do this thing…)
“Let me hear you say,
“Yes, yes, yes we can!!!””

“18 Million and one…”


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