Obama vs McCain: “Let the debates begin!!!”

Doesn’t this stuff just keep getting better and better…
I just finished watching Obama and McCain on the same stage for the first time…
All I can say is, “Let the debates begin!”
I can see it now, “Gummy Bears” vs “Life Savers!” Wow… Is this some exciting stuff or what? It is going to be “two cultural titans” coliding right before our eyes… Obama is smooth and eloquent with a humble style… He gives us this warm and fuzzy feeling that makes us want to smile…
Then “BO” likes to take it up to “ROCK STAR” status as the “Dems” party like “Rock Stars!”
And no-one in thier right mind can easily dismiss John McCain after his “stunning” performance at the “oh-so-sweet” christian forum last night… He hit Obama with some really straight gabs that seem to really connect with the audiance… I believe that everyone watching could feel them too…
But( but in the room) I hope McCain knows that one good gab does not a championship fight make… “BO” knows because he has been there before…
But (big but in the room) “J-Mc” was really surprizingly effective in his “straight off the bus talk” answers…
But (and there’s that but in the room) there will be no more “oh so sweet” forum atmosphere at the next debate… From now on It is going to be a “no more Mr nice guy” atmosphere…

“Gummy bears vs Lifesavers!!!”

Wow ain’t this some excitiing stuff…

And you know I like to Keep it interesting.
Obama better thank his “lucky charms” that McCain showed his hand at the “oh-so-sweet” christian forum.
Obama has “Rejected and denounced” just about everbody he can, leaving him vulnerable to the “Reps” political machine. His only option now to fill the cracks in his Armor is to puLL the one who put them there in the first place, close by his side.
“BO” has to have “Ms Hill” as his “Veep” or “J-Mc” will eat his lunch..
Oh BTW, “J-Mc” will bring his own

Obama vs McCain: Let the bebates begin!!!


One Response to “Obama vs McCain: “Let the debates begin!!!””

  1. He already lost, dude.

    He can’t be president. He’s black and not American. And he is a muslim. Muslims are terrorists.

    I am white and experienced. I am the one and only war hero of the US.
    Vote for me!

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