“Change Happens!”

Aint this some exciting stuff or what?
As I watched the Clintons awesome speeches, I could not help but (but in the room) be a little suspicious of whether they were genuinely on board the Obama shuttle… I am still not sure but (another but in the room) one thing is for sure that the Clintons had to except the fact that “Change Happens!” I am sure that in the minds of Hill and Bill, that her speech should have been her exceptance speech for the nomination for the Dems but (again another but in the room) again “Change Happens!”
And Bill had to stand up to the mike and acknowledge that “Change Happens!” I am sure that Bill had fond imaginations of standing at the mike tonight and introducing his wife as the Dems nominee instead Bill had to stand there and acknowledge that “Change Happens!”
It seems that everyone that gets involved with the Obama phenom eventually have to acknowledge that “Change Happens!”
That makes Obama a “change agent!”
An agent for “Change!”
But why “Change?”
Why does “Change Happen?”
One could theorize and say, “that change occurs when conditions no longer support the status quo.” Hummmmm!!!
One could also idealize “that change is the exception and not the rule.” Hummmmm!!! And another could philosophi “that change is simply the effects one observes when conditions create a cause.”
Is this some exciting stuff or what???
But regardless of the why or the what or the cause – “Change Happens!”

I had a conversation earlier with a young preacher friend of mine about Obama as a “Change Agent!” I asked him what did Obama have to do to get his point across to those people who don’t think he is ready to be President of the USA. My young preacher friend even though he is young, looked me straight in the eye and said, “Nothing!”
His answer stunned me, so I gestured for him to explain himself.
He said, “Obama is an agent of change because of change itself.” He explained that one of his poli-sci instructor in college stated that change come in two forms: 1-Incrementally and 2-Revolutionary.
He said, Obama is an agent of “Revolutionary Change!”
He said, we have several examples of people in our pass and present that are agents of “Revolutionary Change!”
I said, “oh yeah, name a few…”
Of course one of the most popular ones that come to mind is Dr. Martin Luther King. He said, “Dr. King was Revolutionary Change to civil rights.” He went on to say that Elvis was Revolutionary Change to the music industry. He said, Micheal Jordan was Revolutionary Change to basket ball.
And then he said “Obama is Revolutionary Change to Politics!”
He said if we think about it, we could name countless numbers of people that are “Revolutionary Change agents!” He said, “like Tiger Woods, LL Cool Jay, Oprah, Bill Gates, and Donald Trump just to name a few.
I thought that was really good stuff, but why are people in Pa, IL, Oh and the like, having trouble getting on board with Obama? What does Obama have to do to get these folks on board of the Obama Shuttle? You know how black preachers are, they talk with their hands. So he swung his arms wildly and yelled out loud, “Nothing!”
I said, “Nothing???”
He said, “Yes, nothing because Obama has already done everything he has to do – He won the nomination fair and square.”
You all know me.
I had one of these “Dahhhhh moments!”
I said, “that is obvious – so what the problem is?”
The young preacher said, “that the problem is that Obama is Black.”
I was dumbfounded at his bluntness.
I said, “don’t tell me it boils down to race.”
He said, “Obama is “Revolutionary Change” that causes people to change but (a big black but in the room) these people are afraid of change. These people are agents of the “status quo!” They can vote for any man as long as he is white. In order for them to vote for a black man, they will have to face the facts that “Change Happens!”
I said, “is it that simple!”
Yes. my young minister friend said, “Let’s face it – No one has ever had to walk in the voting booth in history of our great nation and vote the constitution. Yes, that all men are created equal.”
A vote for Obama is a “Cultural Historial Revolutionary vote for true Change.”
He said let me break it down to you in street terms,
“Obama changed the game!”
The game of golf will never be the same again since Tiger Woods changed the game. Rock – N – Roll was never the same again after Elvis changed the game. And ladies and gentlemen, “Politics will never be the same since Obama changed the game.”
Just like all the rest; MJ, Tiger, and the like all have haters but they also have apreciators because “Change Happens!” He said, “Obama will have his haters but “The Exposure of Change” will show them for who they are.”
And “Change will still Happen!”


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