“Obama: “This S_ _ T Stinks…” “Let it burn baby, let it burn!!!””

It has been a minute, but this stuff just keeps on getting better and better…
Unbelieverable huh???
Lets see where do I begin???
It does not matter because this is some crazy stuff we are experiencing these days… I said my piece a few weeks ago and I still feel the same, “Mad as Hell!!!”
And from the looks of it, I am not alone… It seems to me that the “whole of the United States” is “Mad as Hell…”
These are some strange times and we the people aint going to take it sitting down… That’s what I call “the American way…”
“Proud to be an American!!!”
Check it…
“Lipstick or not, this pig is beginning to look like a Hog!!!”
“And this aint pretty…”


Aint this some exciting stuff…
Let’s just say that, “this is a mixed up world right now…”
Like I said before, “we the people must stand up and take back the America we once knew… Remember, the land of the free and the home of the brave???
Whether Obama or McCain, we the people will still have to live with the world we choose in less than 40 days…
What will this world look like for US???
“Who is going to liberate US???”
We are “spreaders of democracy???”
“Who is going to show US what the democratic process looks like???”
But (watch out, big but in the room) we the people have had it up to our eyebrows… As Obama said, “Enough!” We the people did not create this mess and we the people should not be expected to “bail these bums out…”
What we should do is “throw these Bums out…”
Then we should throw the crooks in Jail…
We the people did not start this fire…
It is no longer getting ugly out here, now it is just plain ugly…
Obama, McCain and all the other do nothings on the Hill; “this S_ _ T Stinks” and we the people are “tired of smelling it…”
In the military, back in the early eighties, we “burned s_ _ t!!!”
Thus the phrase, “S_ _T detail…”
Our favorite saying then was; “burn baby, burn!!!”
So Obama; let it burn baby, let it burn…

Culturally speaking, we the people are mad as hell and we aint going to take this (S_ _ T) sitting down anymore…
The rich are getting richer while the poor are paying for it…

We aint laughing???

Keeping it interesting, “Let the Debates begin!!!”
Ladies and gentlemen, if McCain does not want to debate, then he can’t walk and chew gum at the same time… If you can’t walk and chew gum, you can’t be a president of these United States of America…
Mr Obama, if McCain does not show up, “Let the debates go on!!!”

“Obama: “This S_ _ T Stinks…” “Let it burn baby, let it burn!!!””


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