“Obama new world/McCain has been everywhere and spent a lot of time…”

This stuff just keeps getting gooder and gooder…
Lets get right at it…
“I have been there many times and met all the leaders” is all I heard McCain say in these debates…”
What McCain fails to realize that this is the very reason why he should not be president… If for the last 35 years, J-MC has not done anything to improve our position in the world then why should we give him another four?

Obama was very good at laying out the strategy of his campaign based on facts which at least makes him a “new world leader” and not a “blast of mess” from the past…
McCain just said over and over again that he had a long record of doing… My question is what has he done over the last 35 years that would make “we the people” say, “wow, can’t wait to vote for him???”
Thirty five years is a long time to not have beat George Bush eight years ago… J-Mc had his chance then, “It’s now Obama time…”
“Do you Feel me???”
“Obama has the “fresh newness” that this country and the world needs…”
Obama has not been around for 35 years, but he has accomplished a lot in his short time in service… But (yes big but in the room) most importantly, unlike McCain, Obama does not pretend to know every answer to every situation…
To listen to McCain, he knows exactly what Iran is going to do, Russia is going to do, China is going to do; well damn why hasn’t he done anything about all this crap before…
“Here McCain goes again, “I have been involved in every major situation before…” Well damn McCain why haven’t you done anything about it in the past…” SOL (Scream Out Loud)
Will someone please tell McCain, “His time has come and gone…”
“Tell McCain, that talk is cheap, especially when you have that much experience and did nothing creditable with it…”

There McCain goes again, “I know…”
Aint this some crap…

Obama – 1…
McCain – 0…

“Obama new world/McCain has been everywhere and spent a lot of time…”


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