“Obama: Did anyone say, “Also???””


Aint this some exciting stuff or what???

Let’s get to the “Also’s…”
What was up with all the “Also’s” in the debate last night???
I failed public speaking in college and had to repeat that course because I unconsciously repeated “you know” several times during my public speaking exams… I could hear my speech instructor saying, “you know” or “also” over and over again as a corrective aid…


Now finally, Palin closed with this really romantic spill about freedom… I was struck by the visual of J-Mc and Palin fighting for freedom for Iraq but not for all of US…
As a black man, who has worn the uniform as defender of freedom, I did not hear the sincerity…
Freedom is relative to those of US who do not live by pretty face, nice legs, bright smiles, and snappy chit chat politics… When it comes to who feels me, who can make a difference in my life, and who gives me the opportunity to make a living in my perspective career, is the one that has my vote…
I am not one that feel that our President, whether male or female, has to be the sharpest tool in the shed, but (big but in the room) He or she must be sincere… These are life and death issues we are dealling with these day… As Bush has said over and over again, “This is a dangerous world we live in!!!” It will take more than a regurgitating pretty face with nice legs to protect US from enermies, “FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC!!!”


You know I like to keep it interesting…
Also, I believe the media owes Hillary and Bill an apology… Also, the media did their job and did not give a Hillary a pass because she was a woman (or maybe it was because Hillary did not have as nice legs) But (Big BUT in the room) gave Palin a big PASS… Also, One thing is for sure, “Hillary” could not only talk the talk but walk the walk… Also, I believe the media (Especially CNN because it is the network I watch – I guess I need to surf more now) did not do their best job on this debate… Also, They let a no-name from Alaska scare them into being very cautious of Palin’s critique… Also In my community a sista would say, “let it do what it do…”
I guess Palin did just that…

Also, I believe if the truth be told, “Palin did not hoe the row!!!”
Also, I am not hating, just making an observation…

Also, “All pretty face, nice leg, witty chit chat, and bright smile women looking for a job in Politics, the door is now wide open… Also, Only the women with pre-mention characteristics need to apply!!!”
Also, Dahhhhhhhhhh!!!

Also, Oh yea, “you are not suppose to look back at the past (according to Palin), so ladies it does not matter that you have fought hard for equality… Palin is the new model for what works for a woman to succeed in Poliltics and for that matter life…”

It is amazing how a pretty face and nice legs can change the landscape so quickly… What happened to a good education and hard work???
Also, let’s just say, “it has been Palinized…”

Aint this some great stuff or what???

“Obama: Did anyone say, “Also???””


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