“Obama vs the Audacity of Racism!!!”

This stuff just keeps getting more and more exciting…
I must say that the mood in the country, as of late, has been a grime reminder of our not so distant past… “Culturally speaking,” this country has come full circle…
Will we the people of the (supposedly) United States of America not relive our racist past and move forward into a brighter tomorrow or will we “Palinize” things to where a white woman launch a “character assassination” on a black man while smiling boldly…
As a now infamous black man once said, “can’t we all just get along???”


I was chatting with a very influential preacher and a friend today about the state of America… As you know, black preachers always relate everything to the bible… So he reminded us of the Joseph story in the bible (Genesis 39:14), where a just man was acused by a woman of a crime he did not commit…
This has been the plot of the black man from the very beginning… The “black man” in this country on many occaisons has been “falsely accused” by a boldly “smiling white woman” which usually resulted into a harsh murder or long imprisonment for the black man… Just like in the Joseph story, this story of a black man being falsely accused or Palinized – in our (so-called) United States, is as old as time… Will we the people of the (supposed) United States of America “overcome” our hideous past or will we “Palinize” past and live it again???


You know black preachers, they don’t miss anything, Psalm 35:19 says, ”
Let not them that are mine enemies wrongfully rejoice over me: neither let them “wink” with the eye that hate me without a cause.”

I think that scripture is self explainatory…

So has America overcame racism???
Have we risen to a higher level above our not so pretty past or have we just “white washed” it until now???
Time will tell His-story…
“Culturally speaking,” as of late we are “Palinizing it with a wink and a smile…”
Will “we the people of the (So-called) United States” have the moral courage to stand united and say, “Not this time – Not this year!!!”
Will “We the people” make a statement to the world by denouncing racism and Palinization Political Tactics (PPT)… “We the people” of the United States, can say no more to character assassination with a “wink and a smile” without cause, but (wow first big but in the room) yes to a “New brighter Amercia, where “all men (and women) are truly created equally…” “We the people” must realize that the mask (Sheet) must come off in order for US to be the true leader of democracy in world…


“We the people” must realize that “the world is watching” to see if we (USA) can truly live up to the words of our own constitution and judge a (black) man not by the color of his skin but by the content of his character??? “We the people” must lift our voice loudly and let the world know that “Not this time, not this year” will we let the whispers of the few who would love to turn back the hands of time and Palinize US, “drown out the shouts” of the many who say “it is our time to shine and rise above our repulsive past…”
But (Another big but in the room) are “we the people of the (Supposed) United States of America” courageous enough to vote for a “black man” for President of this multi-faceted country…


Who knows???
But ( but in the room) one thing is for sure, we will make history either way…
What do I mean???
If we do have the courage to vote for a “black man” as “President of the United States of America” or will we continue to exercise the ” audacity of hypocracy” of our constitution and bill of rights???
The choice is ours to make…
And it does matter because the world is watching…


You all know I like to keep it interesting…
But (really big black but in the room) there is nothing more serious than where we as a nation take this nation in our future???

“Obama vs the Audacity of Racism!!!”


2 Responses to ““Obama vs the Audacity of Racism!!!””

  1. Personally, I see there is no one in this race qualified to be considered a candidate other than Senator Obama. One thing I learned decades ago is that you do NOT need to study error to know the truth…but if you know truth, it will REVEAL error. Senator Obama speaks the truth.
    Below is a post I’d written on my blog:

    I recently was confronted with an ugly attitude in someone that I ‘thought’ was a friend. The remarks made to me, I found greatly offensive. There was no hesitation in me to point out the obvious misconceptions in his remarks.

    The topic of ‘white privilege’ was being discussed. He is blind to this fact. Yes…I use the word “fact” because that is what it is…fact. The individual that was speaking to me, is a successful business man…who happens to be white.

    White privilege contains a whole host of unexamined advantages that come your way because you’re born with white skin. This also has to do with the way others perceive you, access to resources within your community, the way you’re treated by authorities…not to mention represented in the media. There are immediate advantages afforded you due to you being born white. Just out of curiosity, how many of you were able to CHOOSE the color of your skin, into which family or nation you were born? I don’t know about any of you…but it had nothing to do with me at all.

    Have you ever gone to the Drug Store to purchase band-aids? They are “flesh” color…BUT whose flesh color? When I was with my friend Carla, who happens to be African American…they certainly were not her “flesh” color. Truthfully, they weren’t even my “flesh” color. I’m white even for a white woman…and they simply don’t come that light.

    There is a “noise ordinance” here. I have no idea if it’s like that in other areas of the country. Someone can actually be ticketed for being in their vehicle and playing their music “too loudly”. Whose making the ‘judgement’ of what is and what isn’t “too loud”??

    When I drive, I like to turn it up! I may be a generation older than most of you reading this…but hey…I like my music not only loud enough to ‘hear’…but I like to ‘feel’ the vibration of it, too. I’ve never been arrested…but guess what? A young man (African American) did get arrested.

    I’ve heard for years, “My relatives never owned slaves. I’m innocent”. Innocence, literally, means “not knowing”. They don’t see that if they sit back and do nothing, they are part of the problem. Here’s a for instance: If Linda Smith is hurt by racism…then I would benefit from racism. Thus being said…racism connects us!

    Perhaps, I’m over simplifying things. The thing that irritates me to no end is the fact that by and large, people of color are suspected of desiring some kind of unearned advantage…yet, the white person (usually) accuses them of playing the “race card”. Yet, here’s another example and is my own personal observation…if a perceived wrong is committed against one of our African American citizens…and they question if this was due to race. It’s automatically assumed they are using the “race card”. On the other hand, if a white persons questions a perceived wrong, you’re never accused of playing “the race card”…because you are white.

    There are 101 other particulars I could mention, but this is enough for now. I trust that as the title of this post suggests you “Check Your Attitude”. Simply put, you’re either part of the problem or part of the solution. Sorry folks, but on this issue there is no middle ground.

    Senator Obama’s campaign slogan is “CHANGE”. How about letting that “change” begin with you? Is it ever too late to do the right thing?

    Kindest Regards,


    I am having surgery again on Oct 8…and will be offline for a bit. If you get a chance to read my posts titled…Heartache At The Hands of The “Church”…and “An Awakening to A World of Injustice”…it’ll give you a glimpse into the reason I see things as I do.

    I’m VERY grateful for having found your blog. It’s great!

  2. I took a while for sure, but today most racist are BLACK.

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