“Mr. Obama: “We the People” are Counting on You – Can We???”

Is this some exciting stuff or what???

Mr. Obama, will you carry the torch,
Will you Sir, carry it on????
The Torch of life and liberty, but (big phat but in the room) you must be fore-warned…

The road is going to be hard and the way rough,
it’s not for the weary Sir, or the weak at heart…

But (Another big phat but in the room) Mr. Obama, if you are tough enough to except the rejection and the ridicule???
If you can withstand the name calling, being treated like a criminal, or even a fool???
If you poccess the intestinal fortitude to overcome the hardships that befall all who dare to trod???

Then Sir, take your place in history and see, that there’s plenty of room for your courageous tenacity…
For Mr Obama “we the people” need your fresh pure convictions and your unwavering desire,,,
That give you the strength to march fearlessly and boldly into the line of fire…

For Mr. Obama you are….
Sir, You must be…
BO, You have got to be…

A believer…

“Mr. Obama: “We the People” are Counting on You – Can We???”


One Response to ““Mr. Obama: “We the People” are Counting on You – Can We???””

  1. expatforobama Says:

    Actually, I think he needs us more than we need him, but this is very exciting. Thanks for sharing (-:
    check out my latest rant on the ugly turn this race has taken when you get a chance:

    Obama/Biden 08

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