“Obama: The “zero” kids generation is ready for throttle up!!!” Throttle up Baby, Throttle up!!!”

Is this some exciting stuff or what???

Mission Conttrol: “The “Zero” (0) Kids Generation is on board “Future” (shuttle) and ready for throttle up!”
It seems that the “0″ kids generation have gotten energized, they are on board, and turning up their ipods and their cell phones are a buzz with a “new generation” ring tone…

Obama was in “New Hamp” earlier and the “zero” kids generation were out in mass…

They have heard the ringtone,
“Yes we can!!!”
And now they are showing up in massive numbers, ready to write their own music of change for their future and for the next generation…
“Yes we Can!!!”
They are creating cell phone video clips of their generation that their kids and grand kids will look back at on flat screens video frames on the ceiling…

“Yes we can!!!”

Yes Mission Control: Get ready for “Throttle Up!”

The “zero” kids generation is on the move and I am beginning to believe that they are “really for real” this time…
I believe that they will not only talk a good game, but (big phat but in the room) will “Scream out Loud” in one voice “GAME ON!!!”

I believe that this is their “Cultural Matriculation!”
As Obama can say, “It’s their time!!!”
And they responded , “It’s our time!!!”

Culturally, the “zero” kids are now replacing the “sixties” kids as the most politically involved generation ever in this country’s history… They are changing the “Cultural Landscape” for the 21 Century and the world had better watch out…

As the Obama camp loves to put it:

“This aint just a wave, it’s a Tsunami…”

So, it can only get bigger…

The “zero” kids generation has decided not to be known by their generation’s “Nomenclature or designator!!!” But (another big “Phat” but in the room) have decided to write the name of their generation in history by getting on board and turning up the volume on their Ipods…

The “zero” kids generation is exciting the world to stop and take notes, they are on board and the shuttle has left the pad???
The “zero” kids generation is “Screaming out Loud” (SOL),

“Throttle up baby, Throttle up!!!”

Aint this some exciting stuff…
Don’t be surprised if the “zero” kids generation don’t make the “Presidential signing” their own version of a 21th century “March on Washington…” Hummmm!!!
Now that would be “Historical!!!”
I am on the edge of my seat!!!


“Obama: The “zero” kids generation is ready for throttle up!!!” “Throttle up Baby, Throttle up!!!”

Escape Velocity: 25,000 mph baby!!!


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