“Obama: The Ancesters have Spoken!!!”

Are these exciting times or what…
One cannot be amist of the historical significance of the moment…

Never before in our brief sometimes ugly history, have our democratic principles in which, “we the people” have lived for centuries have proven to be true than right now…

This time is a time that was spoken of in antiquity by our ancesters…
Our Ancesters vibe it at it’s highest pitch than ever before because now the past, present, and future have all come together to bring about the unity of spirit, mind and body…

The ancesters have spoken loud and clear…
Here is what they said, ”

“We’ve lived through;
persecution, multilation, social devastation, excruciating pain;
bondage, shackles, thrashings, bashings;
the ravaging of the motherland.

We’ve survived starvation,
dehydration, inflammation, that horrible trip;
tossing, tipping, constant dripping, sea sickness;
the belly of the ship…

We’ve endured indignation,
humiliation, sequestration,
the stripping of our souls;
Desecration, degeneration, castration,
the market place,
being sold…

We’ve drudged through war,
brother against brother, blood, mason dixon,
the blue and the grey;
Destruction, emancipation, reconstruction,
forty acres, broken promises;
What mule?
No pay…

We’ve overcome racism,
discrimination, segregation, deprivation,
generations of being second class…
Alienation, degradation, mortification,
all sorts of derogatories;
thank God free at last…

Now we live with a simulation of freedom,
equality, prosperity, liberty,
and justice for all…

The black, the green, the red, the white, the blue;
African, American;
Standing strong;
Standing tall…

So we will never,
Never Forget!!!”

Obama is the fruition of the struggles, pain, and dispair of a people and a nation… Now we can live up to the true meaning of our creed… We can be the nation that our money says we are, “A nation that trust in God!!!”

So let freedom, democracy, and ol liberty ring from sea to sea and shore to shore and let all the people say along with the ancesters in one voice –

“Yes we can!!!”

“Obama: The Ancesters have Spoken!!!”


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