“Obama: “A Life Worth Giving? From Selma to Obama””

Is this some exciting stuff or what???
I recently received this email from Ms Mary Liuzzo Lilleboe:

Mary Liuzzo Lilleboe has left a new comment on your post “”Viola Liuzzo Who???””:

Thank you for your tribute to Viola Liuzzo. I am her daughter and last night my sisters and I were overwhelmed with joy that we lived to see that her life and the lives of all the martyred foot soldiers of the Civil Rights struggle did not live and die in vain. We were on the phone with our dear friends back in Selma, Montgomery, Birmingham and Atlanta. We lived to have the freedom to vote for the candidate of our choice because for the first time the color of his skin did not stop him. I saw a commentator on MSNBC. He voted for McCain and said he was offended by the sentiment that we were a better America because of Obama’s win. He really doesn’t get it. For the first time in our country’s history, the United States made good on it’s promise to it’s citizens. The promises of our Constitution. We are filled with pride and joy that Barack’s Victory was made possible in 1965, when my Mom, Dr. King and 25,000 true Americans lived and died to secure our right to vote. I put together a little slide show – there is one graphic photo but I was making a strong statement. Here’s the link http://picasaweb.google.com/sal97527/MomSLegacy#slideshow
Thanks again, Mary Liuzzo Lilleboe

Aint this some exciting stuff or what???
I wrote a post about a forgotten slain civil rights champion who gave her life for the cause of civil rights… I believe that these are the (S)heroes whose marked the way to liberty in their own blood… This is the same blood stains that Obama followed to the White House… Without people like Ms Viola Liuzzo, the Obama shuttle could not have left the pad…

I hope that Ms Liuzzo’s family members are invited to the inauguration celebrations as honored guest… I hope the Obama campaign will recognize forgotten heroes such as her… These forgotten fallen heroes are the cobbles stones that pave the blood stain path that allowed a “Barack Obama” to march freely and boldly into victory…

We should all never forget these fallen heroes for without them we would not have ever seen the articles of our constitution come to fruition… Our hats go off to all the true believers that gave their all for our civil liberties…

Can you feel me???
I hope you do…
Yes, yes, yes we can!!!

Now you all know I like to keep it exciting…
I would be honored to be a special guest “Culturally Conscious” blogger/poet of this historical inauguration… I am open for an invite to participate in anyway in this historical event…

Do you feel me???
Do you feel Like I do???
we can!!!

“Obama: “A Life Worth Giving? From Selma to Obama””


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