“Obama: Enough is Enough, Enough, Enough, Enough!!! We as a People demand “Change!!!””


Does this stuff get any more real or what???

I had the distinct honor of attending the funeral of a fallen young brother name, “K-Rock!!!”  kenmara_davis-400x3003

K-Rock was slain on thanksgiving day in Fayetteville NC  fayetteville-market-house-picture2 in, what most in my community call, an unjust shooting by a renegade police officer.   You all know the story because I have written about it several time over that last week…   But (big but in the room) this post is not about this horrible crime…  This post is about the homegoing service for this bright young man… 


The service was held at Parks Chapel; a large church that agreed to allow the family to have the service due to the number expected to attend…  The Rev. Allen, marched the family in as tears flowed down and screams of heartache  fill the sanctuary…   The Fayetteville State gospel chior sang the gospel phrase “yes” to the delight of the chapel…  As family said their last goodbyes, some could bearly maintain their grief; while other sat starring with the look of  what could have been on their faces…

There was the openning prayer that was comforting…  Then there were remarks by the Fayetteville State representative, who shined a light of “K-Rock” being a really good student (3.8 gpa) with a big smile… 


Then there were remarks by one of the neighbors and eye witness to most of the incident, Melvin Gary…  Mr. Gary painted the picture of a young man that strived to be about “change…”   He said that K-Rock was at his house that dreaded evening playing with his grandson, when he decided to look for his dog…   Mr Gary said, that he was deepless saddened by this terrible incident and pledged to the family that he would do everything in his power to see justice served…  Mr Gary received a standing ovation from family and friends…


After a few more songs and remarks the Rev. Allen took the mike to bring the last words for this bright young man…  The preacher, as black preachers do in these types of situations, tried to be philosophical…  But (big celestrial but in the room) I believe the last song sung moved his spirit and he began to say, “yes!!!”  “Yes, Yes, Yes,” the preacher said as all of us responded with the same…  Rev. Allen then said, “let’s not let K-Rock’s death be in vain!!!”   Knowing the statistics of our community and how so many black men die by violence; so many are in jail; and some many are caught up in a system that seem to work against us.  The Rev. Allen challenged all of us to let “K-Rock’s” death by a starting point for “Change!!!”  He asked us all to stand up and say “yes we can” make a difference…  Yes we can bring about change…  Yes we can turn the statictics around…  The Rev. challenged us to stand up for “change” and we did with our hand raised up…  Some cried, other cheered, and some just shook their head; but we all were on one accord…  Just as Obama, “we as a people demand “change” from the status quo!!!”

When the service was over and the parking lot was again empty and all the family had gone home; “Change” had begun…

One young man with a bright future had single-handedly brought about a new movement for “Social Change!!!”   The Preacher said, “upon “K-Rock” we are going to build this church called “Change,” and “Yes We Can!!!'”

“K-Rock – gone, but (big phat black bodacious but in the room) never forgotten!!!”

“Obama: Enough is Enough, Enough, Enough, Enough!!!  We as a People demand “Change!!!””

One Response to ““Obama: Enough is Enough, Enough, Enough, Enough!!! We as a People demand “Change!!!”””

  1. Nice piece and thanks for writing, fighting, caring and sharing . . .

    R. Lee Gordon
    http://www.greaternewyorkyouth.org (just around the corner . . .)

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