“Obama: The many faces of Fayetteville NC!!!”


Is this some exciting stuff or what???   Lets start this post by saying I appreciate all the folks that stopped by and commented to my blog…  I don’t expect everyone to always agree with what I write,  but (big black but in the room) I do expect you to respect my “constitutional right” to write it…  


“Culturally Speaking,” let me say that,  we as a people,  have a lot of work to do in order to rewrite the wrongs our community has suffered for years…  I am presently in Fayetteville NC… fayetteville-market-house-picture3

As most of you know; I have been writing about what many, in this small former capital of NC and slave selling city, called an unjust shooting on thanksgiving day…   I had the unfortunate opportunity to visit the scene where the young man (K-Roc) was shot down…  The blood stained street brought back vivid images of a time gone past when black blood ran freely in the street by the hands of another that Malcolm referred to as the “white devils…”  Today we have Obama and civil rights, but (the big phat black but in the room) has things really changed that much from then until now???  Hummmmmmm???

I don’t know, but (another big black but in the room) one thing is for sure, witnessing the blood stains still in the street after a week or more in the shadows of the (Slave) market house, brought those “oh so vivid” horrible reminders back stronger than ever before…  I asked the primary witness (Melvin Gary) who live directly in front of the scene of the incident, did the city clean the street???  He said, “No!!!”  I then began to try to see where the police had did their crime scene marking to penpoint all crucial information such as the placements of each shell casing, trajectories and vectors diagrams, and crime scene sketches…  To my surprize there were no other markings on the street except a “blood stain…”  So I asked the eyewitness (Mr Gary), if they had put any flags out to mark those types of things???  He said, “He never saw them do anything like that…”  

Then Mr. Gary and I, met with a long time community activist named Minister Eronomy Mohammed about the shooting… 

Minister Mohammed encourged us that he was actively involved with this case…  He said that he had contacted the Fayetteville Police Chief and his assistant…  He said he also contacted the attorney generals office in Raleigh NC and the Governor’s office in reference to the same…  We also talked about the SBI’s report status…  Minister Mohammed said that regardless of the, so called, SBI clearing the officer; there is nothing clear or closed about this case…  He assured us that the attorney general’s office, the congressional black caucus of NC, and the National NAACP out of Raleigh were very much interested and active in this case…  Therefore, case aint closed and will not be closed until the family of “K-Roc” which is the same family of “Anthony Lee Winston” are vindicated… 


That’s some powerful stuff but (another big phat but in the room) please allow me to go lateral here for a minute…  How is it that none of the so-called national black leaders (House Niggers) never returned any calls…  Who am I referring too…  I am glad you asked, because here goes a few names: Rev. Al Sharpton, the Rev. Jesse Jackson (not sure whether he got the message), Roland Martin, and the leader of the Jena six movement- Micheal Baisden…  I am so tired of these so called black activist not at least returning the call…  

Ok, ya’ll lighten up!!!  “House Nigger” is a figure of speach to get a point across…  I can hear you now saying, “who does he think he is???”  I hope I got your attention though…  There are people here hurting because of this unjust act of “Renegadiousness!!!”   For as we know, this renegade cop could be a “Klan Plant…”   “R-Roc” was not the first shooting that this officer was involved in this year…  I was told that the Local black ministers were scared and that is why none of them came out to say something publically about this unjust shooting…  Privately though I did speak with a very prolific southern black preacher who expressed the tragedy of this incident…  Whether they are scared or asleep, a mother cries at night over a son who will not see another thanksgiving day with her due to being shot in the back with his hands up on the street he lived on by the very person who is suppose to protect him…  Hummmmmm!!!   For as we know, “K-Roc’s” only crime was “walking while black” in his own neighborhood…   To top it all off, Mr Gary reported that even when EMS arrived on the scene that dreaded night (yes it was at night) they did not render life saving CPR for almost 30 minutes… 

What’s up with that???

Check it…  So we have a renegade cop, a non responsive ems, a non crime scene marking by local police or SBI, and a completely silient local black minister’s group…   Wow…  Sounds like these “good ol boys” have got a “lock” on Fayetteville NC…   The only minister that has had anything to say has been Minister Mohammed and they have denounced him as a looney…  Well looney or not, he ain’t no “House Nigger!!!”   So Minister Mohammed is leading the charge for justice for the family of these young  men – Past and Present!!! 


Now please allow me to not be one-sided in my “Cultural Perspective!!!”  Fayetteville NC is more than a place where renegade cops still roam free…  Fayetteville NC is also the city adjacent one of the largest military bases in the world…  Home of the 82nd air borne division, Fayetteville is known world wide…  After years of strip clubs, prostitutes, and drug dealers thick as thieves on Hayes Street, Fayetteville has done a considerable about of work to do away with “Ricks Lounge” and the like; replacing them with a new jail, town hall, and Air Bourne museum…  But (big slave house black but in the room) all these changes still remain in the shadow of the “Market House,” one of the most racsist symbols of our horrific past as a people…   Yes a  lot has changed and indeed there are alot of things that remain the same…  Though one would be remiss to say that things have not changed and it is this change that we as a people are fighting to see continue…  Change for a brighter more equal inclussive tomorrow…  This is the image I believe Fayetteville whats to be known for not that of decades of renegade cops killing young black men in cold blood…  


I dare say so… 

Here is an excert from an article from the Fayetteville Observer which indicates the “face” that Fayetteville wants the world to see… 

Plan to end homelessness face obstacles!!!







“James Jacobs, another Salvation Army resident, moved in Dec. 1. He said he got divorced and was laid off this year in Kentucky. He worked on computer networks.

“The economy is bad,” the 49-year-old said. “Normally, I can get a job right away.”

Jacobs, an Army veteran and former reservist, wound up in Fayetteville. He said he spent a few months in the Veterans Affairs Medical Center on Ramsey Street for treatment of depression and other mental health problems.

According to the local homeless census in January, about 8percent of people counted were veterans; 5 percent had serious mental illnesses; and about three out of every 10 were drug or alcohol addicts.

10-year plan

The 10-year plan has been in the works since 2006, involving city and Cumberland County officials, as well as organizations that help the homeless. Originally, the goal was to eradicate within a decade chronic homelessness, which is defined as people who have been on the streets for at least a year or have become homeless at least four times in three years. The plan’s authors, however, opted to broaden the goals to include all the homeless.

The problem, Giles said, is that ending all forms of homelessness is impossible. Some people lose their homes after fires, job losses or spousal abuse — circumstances that can’t be prevented. “






 Yes this is the face Fayetteville NC would love for the world to see…   A face of humanity and reconstruction…   I am all for that…  But (wow buts everywhere in the room) Fayetteville NC must also deal with its own messes as well…  No one is saying that the entire police force are renegades…  It certainly does look like there ought to be some house cleaning in order try to right this wrong…  It only take one bad apple to spoil the entire bunch… 

I smell a root apple or two don’t you???


So where are the Al Sharpton’s, Jesse Jackson’s, Micheal Baisden’s and the like???   For that matter, where are the local ministers from the thousands of churches this small city can boast of…  One would think that they don’t think this small life of a 3.8 gpa Fayetteville State student is important enough to speak out…   Ok, if you can’t speak now then forever hold your peace for truly God is the just judge…  He will speak for the blood that still stains the street where the young man (K-Rock) was shot down with his hands up in cold blood… 

It is time for “Change…”kenmara_davis-400x3004

We the people are ready for “Change!!!”

“K-Roc’s” tragic death will not be in vain as long as there is “Change!!!”  “K-Roc” is the hero here, because he turned his back to the past and thought about the future… 

Go “K-Roc,”  we are all indebted to you… 

“Obama: The many faces of Fayetteville NC!!!”


5 Responses to ““Obama: The many faces of Fayetteville NC!!!””

  1. E. Black Says:

    I lived in Spring Lake, N.C. back in the ’60s. I’d moved there to be with my husband stationed at Fort Bragg.
    I recall the terrible sick feeling after standing in front of that slave market block, as a 21 year old. We were in the “we shall overcome period, and seeing that sight was excruciating, to say the least. I never forgot it, and it still sickens me to know it is still there.
    However, now 40 plus years later, it can serve an a means to measure, we have come from the slave market block, all the way to 1600 Pa. ave.

    Praise GOD, from whom all blessings flow.

    • E,

      Thank you for commenting on my blog. Your ideology is interesting and certainly food for thought. I personally believe that this “Slave Selling Market House” does more to remind the “die hard racist” of their lost superior status. I believe this is the right reason to have this “eye sore” torn down on CNN…

      Just an opinion!!!


  2. Shinda Williams Says:

    They hung blacks from Oak trees. You gonna ban Oak trees from the world. The market house served many purposes in its time. Unfortunately, selling of slaves was a market during that period of time. LET IT GO ALREADY. Otherwise, cut down all the trees in the world!!. I’m sick of people only focuses on one thing in regards to the market house. get your facts straight. The building was not built to sell slaves. It was part of the time. Selling of slaves occured in many markets around the country/ It was just a fcat of history. Other business occurred in the center of town besides slave selling. find something else to focus on. It is just a building. Like I said, let it go or cut down every tree that can also symbolize the hanging of slaves!!!!!

    • I’ve never seen, nor submitted, any web content that either directly or indirectly, vindictively propagates or destructively mocks, any aspect of or about, United States domestic policy, domestic norms or customs, or any other aspect of U.S. domestic relations either past or present.

      Therefore, In the interest of protecting my web reputation, and personal, real life, well being beyond the virtual world wide web, accept this comment as official notice that the name “shinda williams” and its associated content, here, be removed, as soon as possible.

      Thank you, for your consideration in this respect.


      Shinda Williams

      p.s. Please be aware that if the above courtesy has not been expeditiously heeded and appropriately responded to, I’ll be sure to notify a more reliable resource to ensure my request is acknowledged.

  3. Also, after reviewing the content regarding “K-Roc”, although I don’t know this person, I am still not at all thrilled to learn about what appears to have been, yet another untimely death of a young person.

    Hopefully, this medium, the world wide web, will help you and others, to do more good for shedding light on the disease of excessive violence exhibited by young people, and provide a positive outlet for us all to express our discontent, anger, sadness, and any other potentially destructive emotion.


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