“Obama: Guilty of Walking Black!!!”


Is this some exciting stuff or what???   fayetteville-market-house-picture4  I am still in Fayetteville NC…  As many of you know, I have been reporting on what most in my community call an unjust shooting over the thanksgiving holiday…  It is my desire to not have let “K-Roc” die in vain, but (big black but in the room) to turn such a tragedy into something positive for this generation and beyond… 

“K-Roc” is family…   He is a Hero!!!  And most importantly, “K-Roc” was guiltless of any crime…  I hope the national news will pick this story up and began to ask questions about what this 3.8 gpa student in Fayetteville State University was guilty of???  

“K-Roc’s” only crime was being “Guilty of Walking Black!!!” 

And new evidence has recently surfaced to justify the same…  So where is the “Justice???” 

Wow…  According to the law everyone is innocent until proven guilty, at least that is how it is suppose to be…   Also who deserves to be shot in the back???

No One…

So what is going on with our culture???  Now the Police shoot first, ask questions later???  Dahhhhhhhh!!!  I don’t think so…   Is this the new way we the people will be treated from our law enforcement in the future…  I pray not… 

A law enforcement officer is an hired servant who works for the citizens of this great nation…   Need I say more???   I did not think so!!!   

Wow…  Another issue that really bothers me  is the absence of the local Pastors…  Culturally Speaking, it has always been the local pastor that stands up for the community when something like this horrible shooting happens…  

Where are they???  

It appears that the church has lost it’s “salt…”  These Pastors actions give credence to Micheal Baisden’s reference to them as “Pulpit Pimps!!!”   When I first heard this kind of talk from Baisden, I was appaulled…  I love Micheal but ( big phat but in the room) I could not get wit him on this until now…  Now I have a real understanding of the “Phrase!!!”  One definition of “Pimp” is “to exploit!!!”  I believe this is exactly what these “Pulpit Pimps” are doing… 


When we as a people give our tithes and offering every Sunday, we believe that these men and women are there for us…   We believe that, as Martin did, these Pastors will at least address what appears to be an injustice in our community…  But (big Phat Black Pimp but in the room) to my dismay, this is not true…   “We the people” are left to defend ourselves the best way we can…  Now when “we the people” turn against the church and stop paying our money then these “Pulpit Pimps” will get the picture…   It is time out for the “status quo” treatment from the “Pulpit!!!”   We the people are hurting while these “Pulpit Pimps” are sitting back getting fat (I did not say, “Phat!!!”) on our hard earn tithes and offerings…  

Who do these pastors think they are???

Who do these pastors answer too??? 

Who know??? 

Acturally appears to be “no one…”  What that about!!!  A friend of mine said that when the national media shows up so will the Pastors…  

I say, “Woe unto the Pastors!!!”  Jer 23:1…

Enough said???  I thought so…


“K-Roc” will not have died in vain as along as we the people come together to make “Change!!!”  We must use this horrible incident to plant the seeds of “Change!!!”   We can do this!!!  We can impliment “Change” we all can believe in from every street corner in every community in the USA…  We can have “Change!!!”  It is our time…  It is our season…  It is our time for “Change!!!”

“K-Doc’s death” changed everything and now it is time for all us to stand up and say, “Not this time…  Not this year…  Yes we can have “Change!!!”

“Obama: Guilty of Walking Black!!!”


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