“The Audacity of the “Pulpit Pimps!!!””

It appears that the church has lost it’s “salt…” This post is in reference to the unjust shooting of a 26 year old Fayetteville State student on Thanksgiving day I have been blogging on from the very beginning… fayetteville-market-house-picture5All the facts are not in but one thing is for sure is that “K-Roc” kenmara_davis-400x3006was a 3.8 gpa student striving to escape the stigma of his community and make something out of himself when he was shot in the back by a “renegade” Fayetteville Police officer…

Now to the “salt” question??? The Pastors have failled the citizens of this community by not coming out to address this incident and the community… Right now the only thing this young black is guilty of is “walking while black!!!”


What is that about???

Culturally Speaking there should have been an out-cry from the local churches because not only was this unarmed man shot in the back; He had both his hand raised in the air… This could have been anybody out for a walk… Why did the Police shoot is the question the “Pastors” should be asking… But (big black “Pul-Pit-Pimp” but in the room) nothing!!!

These Pastors actions give credence to Micheal Baisden’s reference to them as “Pulpit Pimps!!!” When I first heard this kind of talk from Baisden, I was appalled… I love Micheal but ( big phat but in the room) I could not get wit him on this until now…


Now I have a real understanding of the “Phrase!!!” One definition of the word “Pimp”

is “to exploit!!!”

I believe this is exactly what these “Pulpit Pimps” are doing…


When we as a people give our tithes and offering every Sunday, we believe that these men and women are there for us… We believe that, as Martin did, these Pastors will at least address what appears to be an injustice in our community… But (big Phat Black Pimp but in the room) to my dismay, this is not true…

“We the people” are left to defend ourselves the best way we can…
Now when “we the people” turn against the church and stop paying our money then these “Pulpit Pimps” will get the picture… It is time out for the “status quo” treatment from the “Pulpit!!!”
We the people are hurting while these “Pulpit Pimps” are sitting back getting fat (I did not say, “Phat!!!”) on our hard earn tithes and offerings…

Who do these pastors answer too??? Who knows???
Actually appears to be “no one…” What that about!!!
A friend of mine said that when the national media shows up so will the Pastors… So are they doing what God has ordained them to do… I say, “No!!!” Then why are we treating them as “God’s anointed???” That is a good question… There use to be a time when the Pastor visited the sick himself… A time when the Pastor would feed the hungry himself… A time when the Pastor would visit those that are incarcerated them self… Why??? Because that is the great commission supposedly God called them to follow… What happened???

“Who knows???”

I say, “Woe unto the Pastors!!!” Jer. 23:1…

“The Audacity of the ”
Pulpit Pimps!!!””


3 Responses to ““The Audacity of the “Pulpit Pimps!!!”””

  1. I missed this on TV. I am from Raleigh. What reason did they give for shooting him? What was he doing wrong, that they stopped him?


    • According to the news and eye-witness accounts there were shots fired in the community earlier… When this “Renegade Police Officer” showed up, He shot this young Black man who’s only crime was “guilty of walking Black” in his own community… All accounts report that the young 26 black man put his hands up and turned around… Then for some reason, ” no-one has explained,” this “Renegade Police Officer,” starting shooting… The tragedy is that at that point this 3.8 gpa student who was on track to graduate from Fayetteville State University in May, “was no threat to anyone…” “Why Shoot” is the question that the clergy should be asking???


  2. Hi J

    Maybe he was suspected of the earlier shootings, so that is why he was stopped. But that would not excuse anyone to just shoot him for no reason. The only justified time to shoot is if the officer thought he had a gun, and was going to shoot him first.

    Was the officer black or white?


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