“Obama: What’s up with all these Unjust Police Shootings around the Nation???”


What’s up with this rash of  unjust Renegade police shootings???   It is the third time in less than two months where a police officer has  shot an unarmed black man in the back…   What’s up with that???

I have been the lone wolf writing about the thankgiving day shooting of  “K-Roc” here in Fayetteville NC… fayetteville-market-house-picture1 Now it seems that there is a rash of them taking place around the country…  Something must be done about these Renegade Police taking the law into their own hands…   I received this email from a friend of mine who also has had enough and is reaching out to one of the most popular radio talk show host in the nation… 

Check out what she said:

“Tom, I was listening to your show this morning, 1/7/09, when I heard you talking about the 23 year old man who was shot by police, in his drive-way on New Years. I don’t want to be on the radio but I think what I have to say is important enough to be heard, and hopefully you will speak out on this family’s tragedy on your show as well.  On Thanksgiving Day another young black man, Kenmara Davis, 26 years old, kenmara_davis-400x3002student due to graduate 12/08 from Fayetteville State University, with a 3.8 GPA, was shot in the back by a Fayetteville police officer, and no one seems to care. There was an eye-witness who stated he was standing there watching but the officer  order him to go into his house, which he refused. The witness stated the officer said Davis had a gun, but the witness stated Davis had his hands in the air at the time he was shot in the back. He (witness) also informed the family he was taken down town, questioned by police, who tried to convince him to change his story.  There has been only one Blogger, culturallyconscious.wordpress.com, writing on the tragedy since the day it happen, and nothing is being done about this. The officer has been envolved in other shooting/ killing during his career, and yet this continues. There have been attempts, to contact Civil right leaders, and other radio talk show host, but in my opinion, that since this event has had very little media coverage they are not interested nor do they care. It is all about where they can get the most exposure to the public.  Tom I hope after reading this you will at least mention this incident on your show, just to bring awareness to this little bedroom community that is still under a slave mentally, so to get the full story log on culturallyconscious.wordpress.com. ”    


So Tom (and all the rest of the black radio host who are now our new civil rights mouthpieces) what you going to do to bring awareness to  this tragic shooting and the rest… 

Need I say more???  I did not think so…

“Obama: What’s up with all these Unjust Police Shootings around the nation???”


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