“Obama: Yes, What “Kidd Rock” Said, Amen!!!”


C’mon now amen, amen
I said amen, amen!!!

And how can we seek salvation when our nations race relations
Got me feeling guilty of being white
But faith in human nature, our creator and our savior, I’m no saint
But I believe in what is right

C’mon now amen, amen
I said amen, amen



Don’t this stuff  just keep on getting gooder and gooder or what???   Yes, Mr. Obama, it is what “Kidd Rock” said, Amen!!!   Yes sir,  Amen to a “dream fulfilled…”  Amen to the “audacity of hope” for a better tomorrow…   Amen to better race, cultural, and sexual relations…  Amen to a newer,brighter, more promising future… 

C’mon now amen, amen
I said amen, amen!!!

I believe it is important sir for you to do something very symbolic for US(A) the people of this great land…  I believe it is extremely important that you “pencil copy on to white notebook paper the engraving on the liberty bell; lev 25:10 – which declares this land and all it’s inhabitants to be free- and put it in your left breast pocket as you ride the rails from PA to DC…  Then frame it on the wall of the Lyncoln bedroom as a permanent reminder of how far we as a nation have come…   

This small symbolic gesture would be the first sign of the beginning of the unification process in our great nation…  For it was this very bell that signified a significant change for us a nation…  First our independence and then our cracked nation along racial lines… Now sir you can mend this rift and forever seal us as a nation for all peoples; white, black, brown, yellow, and red…  

Culturally Speaking, it has been a long time coming but finally it’s time is now…  So Sir, we the people of the United States of America say as “Kidd Rock” said, “Amen!!!”

C’mon now amen, amen
I said amen, amen!!!
 “Obama: Yes, What “Kidd Rock” Said, Amen!!!” 

2 Responses to ““Obama: Yes, What “Kidd Rock” Said, Amen!!!””

  1. I’m looking for a black spoken word artist/young poet to comment on Elizabeth Alexander’s inaugural poem. It has generated a lot of commentary pro and con on several websites. Email me if you are interested in commenting and possibly answering more questions.

    • As a “Urban Spoken Word Artist,” which is totally a different genre of poetry in respect to this piece of poetry, I comment with a lot of caution… First of all, I have researched this artist previous work and found her to be very entertaining… All her work has the same style as the inaugural poem; maybe a little less choppy, but the same… I have relistened to the poem more than once to really concentrate on the words; it is a deep piece that charts a path from then until now… I was delighted at the historical undertone and it’s ancestrial vibe insertion… So for the most part, she delivered exactly what she was asked to deliver; a piece of her mind…

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