“Pres. Obama: “The Audacity of Accountability!!!””


This stuff just keeps getting more and more exciting…   As I observe President Obama’s  quick start attacking our economical crisis, I am reminded of an earlier post I wrote which I believe puts things in perspective…

The baseball scandal report by Senator Mitchell on the abuse/use of steroids was one of the most detailed reports I have ever heard. I was struck by a particular line Sen. Mitchell used to describe how this problem could have persisted unchecked for so long. He said,”Nothing happens in a vacuum.” This statement gives credence to every situation that happens in our lives.
Nothing happens in and of itself.
It’s always a sequential process of events that bring things to its present situation.

I believe then as now, “Nothing happens in a Vacuum!!!”  We did not get into this economical mess in and of itself; it took many of those in charge squandering our money via anti-accountability…   Therefore Mr. President, as Senator Mitchell said in essence, Nothing happens without accountability…  Mr. President, “We the people” demand that you hold those that so easily squanded our money with the

“Audacity of Accountability!!!”  

It is time out  for not holding those who so carelessly misuse “we the people’s” trust…  As a result of the previous administrations so nonchalant attitude, “we the people” have lost our homes, cars, jobs, and for some even our lives…  

Mr. President Obama, enough is enough…  

Sir, the only way we as a nation is going to get back in the black, we will all have to do our part…  The biggest part of that is to hold those in charge of our recovery ruthlessly audaciously accountable… 


If “we the people” are being held accountable for our day to day existence or should I say, “struggle;”  then certainly should be all the “fat cats” who are spending our money…   Culturally speaking, it has been our ability to trust our government that has kept us strong in the world…  It is time  now for the “audacity of accountability” in order for  US to return to our place in the world…  If we are going  to bail out these banks (ers), then they are accountable to US(A)…  Mr. President, we are holding you accountable to hold them accountable so that we as a people can regain trust in these great United States of America…

Can you feel me???

Let me hear you say, “yes we can!!!”

“Pres. Obama: “The Audacity of Accountability!!!””


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