“Pres. Obama: What does a “Ceo” have to do with “Pastors???””


Are we living in exciting times or what???   First of all let me say, “Happy Black History Month!!!”  Check out the clips below which proves that it has been a long time coming and it has taken the help of all of us to get it done…  Hummmmmm!!!


This is really some exciting stuff…   Now so many years years later check out this piece…

All I can say is wow!!!  Some have lived long enough to see the fruits of their labor come to fruition…  

Ok, now “What does a “CEO” have to do with “Pastors???””  In the last days we have seen Pres. Obama come out against the CEO’s who take Government money and receive several million dollars in bonuses.   Like many other struggling americans, I am in totally agreement with this policy…  But (you know there was going to be a but coming soon) the President did not address the other CEO’s who receive the greatest benefit from the government and is not held accountable as to how these benefits are used…  “I feel that what is good for the “goose” is also good for the “gander…”” 

I believe that some of the Pastors in this country are guilty of the same misuse of the people’s hard earn dollars as these CEO’s…   I believe this administration must do a detail investigation of these Pastors who live lavishly while not doing their part to take care of the poor…  I am not saying that the government should dictate exactly what these pastors make but (big but in the room) should certainly make sure that they are using an appropriate amount of funds to take care of the homeless in these bad economic times…   Let’s face it, these pastors receive tax exempt funds mostly unchecked by anyone and won’t even let the homeless  camp on their church grounds… 


Isn’t that the least they can do…  That’s an idea…  If these flamboyant Pastors want to keep their tax-free income, then they should open their churches up everyday to the homeless for food, warmth, and shelter…   This is the propose of our tax-exempt dollars “we the people” afford these Pastors but (another patorial but in the room) what are “we the people” receiving in return???   We can see what they are doing with it; buying bigger houses,  faster cars and the hottest new motorcycle…  I don’t see the camp fires burning or smell the soup cooking on the church grounds… What is that about??? 

  I don’t believe that these Pastors should have to be prodded into doing what they all know is their calling from on high…  I would give a scripture but I am sure they already know them all… 


I am sitting here listening to Pres. Obama address the “National Prayer Breakfast”  in Washington and my mind reflects on how many Pastors are sitting their eating instead of feeding…  Sometimes Pastors, we must practice what we preach…  We expect Pres. Obama to be true to what he has promised us he would do during his campaign…  So we should expect these Pastors to do what they preach every Sunday and if they are not preaching “do unto others as you would have them do unto you,” then they should be preaching it…   The bible says, “If you find your brother in a fault; them that are strong should restore such a one…”  Donnie sang, ” we fall down but we get up!!!” 

So it is time for these Flamboyant Pastors to put up or give up…  Give up what???  Give up their tax-exempt status… 

Come on ya’ll, we all must do our part and now is the time for the Church to take it’s proper place as leaders in the restoration of the poor…  I am a longtime church patriot who has experience every kind of treatment from church folks from the “Hand of Fellowship” to “a swift blow to the stomach while in a prayer line…”  But (great big do nothing church but in the room) I don’t see any churches openning their doors to the homeless even with the temperatures below freezing…  What up with that???  The homeless these days are not just old men who refuse to work but (yeap but in the room) women and children who have lost their homes to forclosure as well…  Openning the doors of the churches with a hot meal during the day should be the least these “Niggards” can do…

Well you have it…  Culturally Speaking, the church has been the one true Sanctuary for us all for centuries during economical hard times…  Today’s church is grander than ever with lots of  rooms to shelter, educate, feed and  yes, feed…  What ever happened to “that there might be meat in my house???  Dahhhhhhhh!!!  We must keep it that way – “A Sanctuary!!!”


Aint this some good stuff???

Do you feel like I do???

Let me hear you say, “yes, yes, yes we can…”

 “Pres. Obama: What does a “Ceo” have to do with “Pastors???””


One Response to ““Pres. Obama: What does a “Ceo” have to do with “Pastors???”””

  1. I absolutely agree with you, although as a Christian, I would be a hypocrite if I did not admit that I don’t open my house to the homeless either. Jesus Christ calls all his followers to look after the poor and not just those who are in church leadership roles. Note too that according to God’s word, much will be expected of those who have been given much. In order words, those who are in authority in the Body of Christ have a greater responsibility towards the people and will therefore be held accountable for what they did not do with what they had. All judgement belongs to God, and so as a first step, I would choose to look at the speck in my own eye and leave the judgement of other people’s shortcomings to God. I don’t always succeed of course, and that is why I need Jesus in my life.

    May God bless you as have compassion on your brothers and sisters.

    ransom33 @ http://www.ransom33.wordpress.com

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