“Pres. Obama: So how does it feel to be “Black in America???””


This stuff just keep getting more and more interesting everyday…   So President Obama, “how does it feel to be black in America???” 


This is some serious stuff when the President of the United States must face the fact that he is “Black in America!!!”  CNN will re-air, “Black in America,” but (big phat black “monkey” but in the room) we don’t need Soledad to give us her one-sided view; all we have to do is read the post…   Soledad and Sean have a unique way of displaying “Blacks in America” in the negative light of anyone in recent history…  Wow…  I mean, “what can we expect, the most powerful man in the free world is “Black!!!”  Did we think anything would change??? 


Culturally speaking, things change when someone changes the image that is being displayed…  “Black in America” is not the right image of “African Americans (Blacks)…”  This doc does more to highlight the stereotypes that have plagued our community for decades; instead of illuminating the many triumphs we as a people have achieved in the last forty years…”  I guess the “Post”  said if “Blacks” didn’t get upset about “Black in America” then what is the “beef” about this “monkey business!!!” 


Now come on black people, wake up!!!   If we are ever going to change the way we are perceived around the world, we must stop allowing others to paint the picture…  And when they do paint a picture that doesn’t do us justice then we are to denounce it with great overt disgust…   The response that the “Culturally Conscious” are rendering to this “Monkey” picture is quite appropriate…   We as a people can no longer allow this distasteful crap to be shoved down our throat anymore without gagging… 

And “ladies and gentlemen” this stuff makes me “Gag!!!”  

 How does one paint such a cartoon and not think it to be racist???  I guess the same way one can make this doc:  “Black in America” with all of it’s negativity and very little positive…   Dahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!

If I did not know any better, I would think that all black folks in america were from a single parent family, all had AIDS, and all black men were criminals…  To me, this doc is as appalling as the “Monkey” pic or more…  The monkey picture did not have any names attack to it even though the implication was obvious…  This doc’s title leaves nothing to the imagination as to whom it is referring too…   I am not saying that this doc should not have been made, I am saying if you are going to paint a picture about “US” then make sure it shows every aspect of us…  We as a people are muti-faceted, highly complexed, and multi-talented folks…  We are a mixture of many colours, personalities, and styles….  Therefore is very difficult to paint “us” with a broad brush…


So Mr. Pres. Obama, welcome to being “Black in America!!!”   Well sir, you have many challenges ahead of you and one has four hundred years of “negative stereotypes”  attached to it… 

It is time for a serious discussion about race in the country so that we can put this subject to bed once and for all…  There I said it, call me!!!

“Pres. Obama: So how does it feel to be “Black in America???””


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